Need for adding Informational Documentation to the Wonderland site

Hey I’m new here but could not be more pumped about finding this forum! I’ve poured over the informational docs in on the site, and think the can be “beefed” up a little more. I have a finance background and when I tried to explain the concepts to non-tech people they were completely lost. I’ve pieced together answers from so many sources, but think Wonderland itself should be the best source. The questions I have had that I did not feel were clearly answered were: What part of the protocol is set by people and what parts are set by the algorithms? Also, if there are investments made by the DAO, what are they? Or at least in what sectors? And who makes those calls? How often are those investments rebalanced? What % of Wonderlands profit is driven by the protocol itself vs. those investments?I am very comfortable with the current leadership but feel like those questions are still a mystery to me.

I think a more clearly defined roadmap + more info and graphics are currently being worked on and will be updated in the next weeks. Sifu is our treasury manager so he makes the calls on how the money is invested. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can visit the Wonderland discord. Questions similar to yours are asked and answered almost daily. The short answer is the treasury makes money by stable coin farming, providing liquidity, picking up other assets during a market dip, etc.

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As mentioned above, documentation is being reworked. Hopefully it will have a lot more info in it. Graphs are also being built to be more transparent and display some information better.

  • I believe all of it is done by an algorithm, but can be manually adjusted by the team if required.
  • No investment yet, but Dani’s twitter has mentioned some potential proposal coming.
  • Anyone can propose something through this forum, if the community thinks it is a good idea and the DAO votes to pass the proposal. it should be acted on.
  • Sifu manages the treasury and makes moves somewhat regularly. He usually announces those on Discord afterwards. Looks like the Wonderland Twitter has also started doing so.
  • Investment (yield farming) used to make around 800k a day at the last update we received. The rest would be from the protocol itself other than when/if Sifu takes profits on certain assets. There hasnt been any real/major investment yet, so its pretty much all protocol profits from minting.