Need for guidance on the important changes currently taking place in Wonderland. "Bridge to Fantom"

Daniele has commented on the need to create an education space within the #FrogNation ecosystem, but this is something that will take time and many of us need guidance on the important changes currently taking place in Wonderland. The change from Memo to wMemo is still the hottest topic in the discord channel and it cost me personally quite a lot to understand it, but I got it and I already have my wMemo, now thanks to a Youtube channel I discover that in the Bridge tab in Wonderland, Wonderland , has been enabled the possibility to move our wMemos from Avalanche to Fantom, and I will do it, but I would like to know that I am following a strategy with a goal.
Today there are several content creators on Youtube, twitter, who could create content coordinated/approved by Sifu, Dani and his team, to facilitate all frogs to follow some steps that serve to support our ecosystem and help it to grow and at the same time have benefits for being part of the #FrogNation

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The bridge on the website is not that new. Absolutely no need to bridge in FTM unless you want to yield farm your wMEMO (with the additional risks). Bridging will also take a fee from your wMEMO so keep that in mind.

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My doubt is still open, Dani and Sifu keep talking about FTM and in the bridge tab they leave it ready for us to take our wMemo to FTM, when I think that nowadays it is easier to have it in Avalanche.
Is it something we should do to support the global FrogNation project?
Should we move it because it is going to be beneficial for us?

Here is explained better than I can, but what he expresses matches my thoughts.