New proposal against Wind down the treasury

Destroying Wonderland and ending this project will make whales to win forever in crypto. The dreams of we the small retailers that hope to make a better life from crypto would end. We can’t just give up I mean whomever had this proposal has an interest in doing so as was a whale or early buyer or both.
My proposal is the following
1.Create one unique Wonderland currency with different features that previous Time Wonderland and Wmemo. Actually both need to be merged and 90% of Time supply must be burned along with a significative portion of Wmemo.
A new scarcity model will be implemented.The new token will have increased utility as is a bridged token multi chain access Eth, Avax Phantom and hopefully Ave, Matic and a possible collaboration with Hex in joining forces with other strong projects.
New Time Wonderland token must be integrated in Abracadabra and Avax staking pool along other projects.
The new Wonderland token will be named WTime or WTM.
Features 1WTM would be on a scarcity model it will be divided by 1000 units each unit will be backed by 1Mim, 1 USDT, 1 USDC, 1 Dai, 1Terra UST etc
Therefore 1 WTime will aquire value in units with the growth of treasury profit, trade and investments, staking liquidity pools and everything what Wonderland represents.
All wonderland stakers who staking time and Wmemo to became share holders to Timewonderland.
The WTime model is scarcity and deflationary. WTIME will be divided by 1000 units equivalent to 1000 stable coins therefore technically cannot be sold under 1000 units as it is created so however the best part is WTime acquiring value will be divided into more units.
If a bitcoin is 100 million satoshi then 1 wmemo starts for the members of Timewonderland as new shareholders with 1000 units per WTime.
When WTime grows up in value it acquire more units
Example 1WTM stars to 1000 units or 1000 usdt it grows up to 2000 then 1WTM is divided into 2000 units and so on.
Now when WTM is sold is actually burned along with its units keeping the supply low.
It will prevent whales as once they dropping massively that WTM will be burned and the supply reduced keeping the price up at the same value that increased last time.
The whales would be forced to buy back at a higher price then it will make only the price going up.
The only concerns will be that WTM will have a slower growth but it will behave as a stable coin however due to scarcity and staking and the entire activity of Wonderland it has better potential for growth
A scarcely token will be more beneficial as it will keep the price up avoiding boots and whales to attack and crush the project.
The ratio of exchange rate would be at the initial entry value or in accordance with the treasury divided by wmemo or Time.
Danielle must agree to some compensation for heavy losses but compensation in favourable rate of conversion for members by dividing the actual treasury into the new WTM tokens.
The treasury must be manged by Danielle he must have control by direct authorisation of community and token holders holders. Danielle can hire how much people he want to help with managing the treasury but no decision will be made without Danielle as Danielle must be proposed by community.
No leverage on Abracadabra or any platform for our WTM shares
No minting.
WTM is a shares token of Wonderland treasury mean we the community are the owners Danielle is who will guarantee the safety of our assets.
Any new projects must be voted first all new investments must be voted.
Conditions of new investments must be an airdrop guaranteed to all shareholders.
I’m working on the project and if Danielle and the team wants to discuss further I’ll be more than happy to help.
I’m a member who losing money but I want to work towards to recover my money and ending on green.
Winding down the treasury is an idea of some weird autistic twitch of why I want to lose 90% when either I lose it all or winning back & more.
Please consider my proposal and I will be grateful if I will have any feedback.
Kind regards

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