New Simple Investment ideas for Treasury

1st 20% into USDT stable staking
2nd 20% into CRO staking - stable return plus equity increase
3rd 15% into Avax staking - stable return plus equity increase
4th End leverage completely
5th End buy backs- let supply and demand determine W memo price
6th start monthly burn of W memo to balance out inflation
7th give long term holders the chance to take advantage of API rebases and W memo equity increase
8th I would not end rebases since that’s what brought most frogs to the pond
9th Have a fully Doxxed Trading team such as the Bastian group if they are legit and
not con artist, There trades can be verified publicly, and they follow the frogs demands
not do what they want then tell us tough shit

when the overall market turns around so will W Memo, too many decisions have been simply knee jerk reactions, Experienced traders from stocks know how to manage our emotions and be logical.
This entire fiasco is a result of greed as if 82,000% isnt enough, and knee jerk reactions


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