New Voting System

Lately, the frog nation was upset and annoyed in how the voting held even though the frogs proudly turn the voting upside down which shows the unstoppable power of the frog nation. However, we cannot ignore the issues of the current voting system. We witness the whales want to dominate the voting by buying massively once they heard that there is “wind down proposal” so they catch the opportunity and tried relentlessly to win the vote. 17 out of 20 whale wallets were voting yes for wind down and most of them bought the token once they heard the wind down announcement. So, from this I came up with a new voting system that ensure the fairness of all investors whether little frog or a whale. My suggestion as follows:

1-No one can vote in any proposal until he completes a period (ex 1 month) of HODL the token (Time, Memo,Wmemo).

2- The more the frog HODL the token (Time, Memo,Wmemo) the more power he gets, and that power is counted by Percentages. 1 month of HODL = 5% more power in voting. (Ex HODL for 1 month, gets him 5% more power) So, if we say a frog HODL 1 Time for 1 month he gets 1.05 voting power. If he HODL for 2 months he gets 10% more power, and HODL for 3 months he gets 15% more power. As the maximum increase of power will be 15% more power.

1 Time HODL for 1 month = 1.05 in voting
1 Time HODL for 2 months = 1.10 in voting
1 Time HODL for 3 months = 1.15 in voting

In this way we can ensure that the voting system is fair for everyone and protect the loyal frogs and we can rest assure that the whales cannot just vote for their interest and not the interest of Wonderland, also we can protect Wonderland from the other enemies not only the whales!

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