New Wonderland Metaverse Proposal

Hello, I am glad that the vote to keep wonderland came through. I am a supporter and have been since December.

Anyway, My idea moving forward, we can perhaps establish ourselves in the Metaverse. As a community, we need headquarters and a great place to start would be Sandbox. If we were to invest some of our assets into acquiring land to run a business, e.g Online Metaverse Casino, we can create a long term asset that will generate us income. This in turn will add value to wMemo if there is a Rev share model. In the real world, the dollar is “backed” by the asset of gold so in order for us to create value for wMemo, this also has to be backed by something that is worth while. Metaverse businesses would be a great way to get exposure and also increase value.

Expanding on this, we can build our own Metaverse games, and NFT businesses to further monetize this space.


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