New Wonderland (TIME) logo and brand identity

We really need a new logo and brand identity that stands out more prominently.

For a DeFi brand, it’s not bold or disruptive enough.

Screenshot 2022-01-12 at 22.03.06

If we look at others, they’re clear, defined, and stand out very well. They’re easy to remember.

We need the same and I’d recommend having a competition on it and putting it to a vote.

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Honestly, I love the Alice icon itself, but it’s true that the white background and blue circle don’t look good. I would propose to just make it a purple + transparent version of the logo.

The Cheshire Cat is very cool looking on the home page


If we take the black and white version of the logo, I’d bet which logo is more memorable.

I don’t know why you (and other) care so much about the logo, like it’s the main thing to do. Back in the day, logos were really important, people fought for originality. There was an era of designers and copywriters. But now is the era of scientists and programmers. The protocol is the center of attention, not the picture, which I have not paid attention to for a long time. Take a look at Sandbox, how do you like the letter S? My point, we have a good logo. I think, the Cheshire cat is good as a decoration, but not as a logo, this is a very common image.
And I’m almost sure that if our logo were hung several times on the largest banners in New York and Tokyo, you would immediately love it.

I agree! On top of that, the black and white logo should already be the official one (if I look at the marketing materials, black and white is listed as official logo), so IMO it’s just a matter of getting rid of the legacy logo on these portfolio/price apps.

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I really love the enthusiasm behind this project and how everyone is looking for ways to improve it, which is why I hate to sound negative, but I couldn’t disagree more with this. I love the logos, branding, themes, etc… behind this project. I wouldn’t change a thing.


I agree I think the cheshire cat logo is pretty awesome.


Personally I would love to see more of the Cheshire cat. Whoever created that image for the login screen did an amazing job with it.


A good logo is very important - look at the logo of “Deutsche Bank” - the most known logo world wide.
I guess we have some great designers out here being able to visualize the message of " defi wonderland"
Meanings of DeFi:
English = short for decentralised finance in
French = challenge

the dream of a “perpeteuum mobile” often ends/ identify itself mostly as a scam or Ponzi scheme.
We need products/ investments and those under the wonderland/ time umbrella.

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Never heard of them or seen their logo before I googled it just now. I’d argue Facebook, Youtube, Google and even Amazon logos are probably more known world wide.

That said, I do agree that a good logo is important, but I still believe we need to better establish what Wonderland actually is before rebranding (of we do so).

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Good morning

NalXes - thanks for your reply - I fully agree .

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That’s a fair point but something that should be considered in more depth. We definitely need a rebrand though, and it could easily help with bringing more people to the ecosystem and particularly TIME.

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I think the “Alice falling” Icon is very iconic and memorable and we should improve and use this symbol.
The cheshire cat is cool but a bit edgy, not an optimal logo and not very positive and inviting to newcomers.