NFT Gaming expansion - $TIME sensitive

I would like to propose Wonderland to expand into the RPG NFT gaming space as proposed by Daniele Sestagalli in earlier AMA’s and have possibly found a suitable candidate.

Suitable candidate - Chumbi Valley
Chumbi valley would be a suitable candidate (but this should be voted on in a request for comment later). The game will be an RPG and a cross between Pokemon and Stardew Valley. It will be free to play and play to earn and have land gameplay and unique scarce resources. It is currently still pre-launch and planned to launch mid 2022. Wonderland wants to expand cross-chain and Chumbi is currently situated on both Polygon (NFT’s) and BSC ($CHMB token).

Possible synergies

  • Using part of the treasury to buy the $CHMB token and getting limited Frognation Chumbi airdrops for $TIME holders;

  • Distribute profits from $CHMB to $TIME holders

  • Getting a foothold in the NFT gaming space; and

  • Having access to a vast network of game developers and designers to further expand into the NFT space.

  • Wonderland Chumbi Valley land /digital real estate

The above discussion is two-fold
#1 Expansion in the NFT gaming space
#2 Chumbi as candidate for the aforementioned expansion.

*Please note that I am invested in Chumbi valley and am therefore biased. However, I am only invested because I truly believe in this project and I believe this could be the next Axie Infinity. Any other RPG project with huge potential would also be an option.

More information on the project can be found on


Amazing, agree with the whole thing and really excited about it.


I like the proposal and agree it would be wise to acquire a high quality NFT gaming platform as soon as possible. Say Q1-Q2 2022.

I also believe we should come up with several different game studies that we would like to buy to avoid the risk of front running and once a vote has been passed on say the top 5 leave it to the devs to make the final selection


Another p2e NFT game is Axie Infinity . com

Highly successful and with rapidly growing daily active users of over 2 million per day accumulated in less than a year .

Correct, as a matter of fact I am already into Axie Infinity and I am a big fan. However, this game is already well-established and therefore is extremely unlikely to integrate its ecosystem with Wonderland. In my opinion we would need to invest into a game which has synergies with Wonderland.

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As long as it’s a high quality game. And by high quality, I mean a game that is not concerned about rushing a release date to “time” the market. A game that is more concerned about player immersion rather than a token price.

Too many projects now are trying to take advantage of the gaming wave… it will be just the NFT nonsense a couple months ago… a bunch of duds.


Very true. Like wonderland, the game should be focussed on long-term added value for the community and not take part in a crazy NFT gold-rush.

Agree, it should be 100% the choice of the community, which game is compatible for the Wonderland ecosystem. Especially in the NFT-gaming space (as well as in DAO forks) frontrunning can be a major issue. As stated before, Chumbi is just an example and I would gladly welcome any other high-quality projects as candidates.