No Confidence Vote in the Team given their performance since implementation of WIP #32

[DAO Discussion] No Confidence Vote in the Team given their performance since implementation of WIP #32


Dear community,

I am writing this proposal for a No Confidence Vote in the appointed Wonderland/Volta team overseeing the departments below in review of the performance and competencies shown since the passing of WIP #32, Wonderland DAO Amendment. Throughout this post I will refer to the DAO as Wonderland (it is still the contract name, from August 2023). WIP #32 created a 6-department structure for operating Wonderland:

  • Communication
  • Compliance
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology
  • Visionary

If the team and individuals responsible for overseeing these departments are to be truly judged by WIP #32, then I believe all have failed in their key duties that were required to serve its token holders in 2023.

WIP #32 was built by taking legal advice into consideration. The High Level Overview from it reads:

“The following proposal was crafted after a series of in-depth discussions with legal firms around the world, which led to the realization that we have failed our holders by losing focus on the main objective of the protocol: profits for holders.

As a result of Wonderland’s abstract management, there is a high risk of malicious actors carrying out governance attacks in an effort to totalize the system. Protocol stability is negatively impacted directly by this, since these actors may accumulate voting power for a brief period of time and promote their own agendas in specific aspects of Wonderland’s day-to-day operations.

Moreover, Wonderland has been subjected to long, frequent, and inefficient governance procedures, which are susceptible to manipulation. Though the team has always focused on the community and how to serve it better, unintentionally it has resulted in a system that focuses and abides by the loudest people, not the clear majority of silent “stake and chill” token holders. A long and time-consuming governance system, that promotes mob participation rather than a power by shares or delegation in Wonderland, which is host to constant conflict and disagreement between people who, estimated on votes, collectively hold a very small percentage of the shares.”

A WIP such as #32 is built to entrust a team of people with making important decisions and delivering results in a number of ways, and as it clearly states it was brought about to avoid someone who may “accumulate voting power for a brief period of time” and also avoid a system “that focuses and abides by the loudest people, not the clear majority of silent “stake and chill” token holders.”

Unfortunately, I do not believe the management team have acted in accordance with this when the need arose in 2023. The clearest issue that Wonderland (now Volta Club) had to deal with in 2023 was the Multichain hack forcing the team to act promptly and come up with solutions to protect Wonderland DAO members and TIME, MEMO or wMEMO holders.



  • This proposal simply questions the decisions and execution of strategy by the appointed Wonderland team in the solution that was designed following the Multichain hack and how that strategy unfolded.*


*Following the announcement of the Multichain hack in early July 2023, it came to the attention of Wonderland team, participants and followers that a huge risk had been introduced to the protocol as unbacked wMEMO was minted and could completely disrupt the DAO and treasury. As a result, the decision was made to migrate to a new token and replace the old three token system (TIME, MEMO, wMEMO). Another decision made was to rebrand Wonderland to Volta Club. This announcement was posted on 28th August 2023, albeit in a fragmented fashion.

An exchange ratio of 1:330 was announced for wMEMO to Volta, giving the new token Volta a max supply of 1mm. A migration process was developed by the team to do this. It was called “self migration” where holders of wMEMO would need to manually access the migration contract on the new Volta Club website. This “self migration” contract would then migrate the wMEMO to Volta at the previously stated exchange rate while the team continued to manually review migrations to avoid the maliciously minted wMEMO from the Multichain hack entering the new Volta Club protocol. The “self migration” contract opened for a period of 69 days.

Following the “self migration” contract, the team then began “manual migrations” following the closure of the “self migration” contract on 7th November 2023. This required an enormous time effort from the team to complete, as well as still requiring wMEMO holders to manually create a ticket on the new Discord server for Volta Club (new server announced 9th November 2023). A hugely time consuming act for the team led to widespread frustration among new Volta Club holders and 10 days after beginning “manual migrations” on 19th November 2023 at 02:36 am a DAO Discussion was started called “End of Manual Migrations”. The post made a proposal that 1st January 2024 midnight UTC would be the deadline for manual migrations, 53 days after opening the new Discord Server and ticket system to begin these.

The proposal found a sponsor, without amendment, from a member of the appointed Wonderland team to move to a CMP, or vote. As a result, at 00:00 UTC on 1st January 2024 over 70% of wMEMO holders who were part of the Wonderland DAO in August 2023 have now had their token allocation in the new Volta system burned, which as of today 6th January 2024 is the equivalent of over $100 million. This stake in the treasury has been transferred to Volta holders.

The departments responsible have simply neglected the duties given to them and have proven incapable of upholding WIP #32’s vision. Below is a brief overview of the failures within each department. I have avoided splitting these into high and low level overviews.

Department Details:

    • Communication

As per WIP #32:

“The voice of Wonderland. Communications, social media, monthly Medium articles and community platforms are the scope of this department and serves as a meeting point between the various departments and the community at large.”

Responsible for communicating the important decisions to a community of tens of thousands of members and utterly failed.

The biggest and most prestigious following Wonderland achieved since 2021 was its 137,000 followers on In the “rebranding” of Wonderland since 28th August 2023 there was not one Tweet posted with the words “Wonderland” and “Volta” in the same post. The individual responsible for overseeing communications did not communicate to the protocol’s largest following, even once in four months, that “Wonderland is now Volta”. Impossible to understand how the most basic level of communication was not done for such a huge rebranding as it combined with the need for migrating tokens in the protocol and badly needed a large response from the community.

Did wMEMO holders not migrate because now they don’t want their money or did the majority simply not have a clue who Volta Club was since there absolutely no coherent communications strategy for the rebranding and migration? The ““stake and chill” token holders” were not communicated with. Since our communications department never put the words “Wonderland” and “Volta” in a post there would be no direct association found by a person viewing Twitter who sees wMEMO and Volta Club in a post, without any mention of Wonderland. No connection between the old and the new. Most people will not associate the link and it is woeful to ASSUME that tens of thousands of people will understand the same way. Rather than giving all holders a complete picture how what was unfolding for Wonderland, the communications strategy acted more like a jigsaw or a puzzle. It was left to the holder to figure who was posting on their timeline.

All posts concerned with migration since 28th August 2023 reached approximately 5% to 7% of the Wonderland/Volta Twitter following under the handle @TheVoltaClub. Below are the two posts that the Twitter account posted for the deadline window, one in November and one in December. Despite the fact that barely 20% of old holders had migrated, there was zero posts with an urgent appeal to members of the old Wonderland to try inform people better about what was going on. It was not a communication strategy, it was not the “best we could do”.

Date Link Max Views Followers %
27th November 2023 8,700 Approx. 137,000 6.3%
25th December 2023 7,885 Approx. 137,000 5.7%

The official Tweet to launch rebranding from Wonderland to Volta on the Twitter page got 19,000 views. It was the first post in nearly two months from this account. The account changed name/username and logo but got 20% of people who saw the first tweet to read the second because tweet 1/7 never mentioned that this was still Wonderland! For anyone reading, it is pretty easy to see how they might think that Volta Club is transferring to a new token - not Wonderland!

If this is what the “rebranding” was, how can it be taken seriously and how can the communications department stand over their work? What metrics have they been using to determine whether the message was getting out to wMEMO holders properly or not?

In messages on the new Discord server, the team have responded saying “we did everything we could” - does no linking from Wonderland to Volta for a rebranding sound like that? Does one tweet per month getting to 5% of followers about a deadline for migration sound like that? If that is actually doing “everything we could” then I cannot see how the communications department position in Wonderland is tenable given these absolutely woeful metrics show they did a terrible job in getting the message out to the majority of wMEMO holders that firstly Wonderland was now Volta (literally did not say once) and second that they needed to migrate before a deadline (95% did not see these Tweets). How does this show good communications performance and how does it show competence in the role?

New social media channels were created on Reddit and Discord. Both have shown a massive drop in members. Why some social media channels like Twitter were just transferred to the Volta Club name and why others were left to start new is strange. The numbers who changed across again show a poor performance in communicating to members - even on the old platforms that a new channel was set up.

Socials Followers Link
Twitter 137,000 Followers (old account)
Old Reddit 2,000 Members
New Reddit 426 Members
Old Discord 37,426 Members Discord
New Discord 7,657 Members Volta Club

20 to 25% of old members transferred. While a Tweet was mentioned on 9th November 2023 about the new Discord server for Volta Club, again no direct association was made to connect this for followers on the largest social media platform that this new Discord Server was actually Wonderland.

Despite there being only 20% of members transferred to the new Discord server, no announcement was ever left on the old server to the remaining 30,000 members that a deadline had been imposed on getting wMEMO migrated to Volta and what the repercussions of this would mean. Surely the team serving all old holders should have had some urgency in doing all of this for all wMEMO holders?

0 Tweets were used to announce the new Reddit channel. I have seen some posts saying that the old Reddit may not have been the actual official one, if so doesn’t that deserve a Tweet to 137,000 people that a new Reddit has been created?

WIP #32 gives the team flexibility to make decisions and develop the strategies to execute on those decisions. In return, a high level of transparent communication that causes minimal confusion and is streamlined across all communication channels must be expected from this department. This department have failed to do so and they have failed thousands of people. They must be able to show that they made every attempt to make people aware, not even linking the name Wonderland to Volta on a Twitter post once in four months and bare minimum posts about migration show this clearly was not done.

Again, I would think a communications department wanting to align itself with the vision of WIP #32 would go above and beyond in their communications, it is a department that could be the source of huge growth for the protocol and it is ultimately not serving all holders and did not serve the 70% of wMEMO holders who have been burned.

  • Compliance

“The Compliance Department should provide advice and assistance to all managerial posts with regard to compliance with all relevant laws, regulation, and DAO rules.”

I would argue that the simplest law, regulation or DAO rule that the compliance department missed was the following in WIP #32. “Token holders are provided with close communication daily through Wonderland’s social platforms and discord channels, or they can opt to follow the quarterly treasury summary and market outlook and regular news articles instead.”

The “or” statement in the above section from “Department Details” quite possibly solves a very simple issue which has been the source of much frustration and led to the CMP #1 vote on ending manual migrations. Had the compliance department done what has been entrusted by them by all token holders in January 2023 they would have acknowledged that some token holders will only view the quarterly treasury report for information or possibly Medium articles (of which none were written to tell holders about the 1st January 2024 manual migration deadline). I understand that a DAO can propose a vote and an arbitrary deadline, but the team is following a clearly set out WIP and a member of the team sponsored a vote despite quarterly communications being the minimum standard the team are to follow. Did the compliance department highlight this to the team member who sponsored the vote?

“Establishing this structure will be beneficial for future restrictions and regulations as it closely resembles existing real-world corporate structures.”

Many Discord messages show frustration to “the the clear majority of silent “stake and chill” token holders” by asking why can’t they just jump on Discord to find out what’s happening as much as everyone else . As per WIP #32 this is not expected. The Q3 Treasury Report for 2023 did not tell any members that they had a deadline to migrate. It would have required telling them this in the Q4 Treasury Report for 2023.

The vote to end manual migrations might well have been compliant, but only after all holders were told about a deadline and this includes those who prefer to check on their investments quarterly. Given that a team member sponsored this vote, it raises huge concerns. No migration notice whatsoever was mentioned in the Q3 Treasury Report for 2023. It may be the compliance department’s fault that it did not inform the communications department or financial department of the many requirements it would have during this period.

As there was no change noted to WIP #32 since its inception, these expectations of quarterly check-ins apply are the most basic requirement that can be asked of any holder, if we are to apply an interval to which they should check in. It is the only thing Wonderland holders had in writing about their expectation to be informed. The vote gave a deadline period from 27th November 2023 to 31st December 2023. It was the compliance department’s responsibility to not accept this window (or at least argue strongly to amend the vote) and follow its duty to protect all possible Wonderland holders by advising of a deadline after the Q4 Treasury Report (and including the deadline information in the report) and at least 1 Medium Article on the deadline. This did not happen and the compliance department are ultimately at fault for the short window that the vote proceeded with. There are no comments under the DAO Discussion for ending migrations where the compliance department advised of a longer window for a deadline.

Again, it is almost certain more wMEMO holders would have migrated to Volta if this information was at the very least advised by the compliance department in the DAO Discussion. Most Volta holders would accept that it is fair to at least follow the only piece of writing that Wonderland has made available to holders and that is end of quarter intervals.

  • Finance

“Oversee all Treasury-related activities. Responsible for the preparation of quarterly performance reports for the holders, oversight of the Treasury operations and its budget, community proposals, risk management, and approval of strategies.”

As per the notes on the compliance and communications department, the finance department failed to once mention the word “migrate” or “migration” in their Q3 Treasury Report for 2023. They failed to mention anything about “rebranding” in the Q3 Treasury Report 2023 or that this is still the Wonderland Treasury Report. The Q4 Treasury Report 2023 “Buybacks are reaching the $200 level on Volta for the first time as migrations come to a close. We launched in the $90–100 range, so Volta holders are reaping great rewards!” The first mention about migrations by a treasury report is when the deadline to do them was over! As per WIP #32 this does not support all holders. They were not informed by the treasury report in Q3 about what happened, this follows no tweets from 28th August 2023 about “Wonderland now being Volta”. Holders who are not part of a small group on Discord have been completely isolated and the numbers who migrated speak for themselves. This is the first fault of the financial department, surely a better newsletter was required for Q3 to let holders know what was happening!

In terms of risk management, there is simply one risk that the team failed to highlight over and over again. The team seemed to be completely concerned with outside risks and the strategy concerned only with outside risks of wMEMO entering the system, but what about the risk mentioned in WIP #32 from a group who “may accumulate voting power for a brief period of time”. This is a huge financial risk to Wonderland and the treasury. In November it was clear how many migrations had occurred when the vote came about and when the discussion started. Migrations were in the 20%s. Any vote to get rid of a significant portion of wMEMO holders during this time for holders who could only vote with Volta is a complete an utter failure to highlight the financial risk involved to Wonderland. Again, there are no DAO Discussion comments from this department to highlight this as per their duty. It has resulted in $100 million transferring to <30% of holders. Complete and utter failure. And again, in a well functioning operating system a financial department would advise all team members of this risk and advise team members to not sponsor such a vote due to the damage it may cause.

It is also questionable to highlight buybacks as such an important part of the Wonderland strategy given the clear failures it had in January 2022. It gives holders a false sense of security. The only way it possibly becomes more effective is to make the group of buyers and sellers smaller so that buybacks can have more control. So is this what the financial department is looking to do? Rather than grow Wonderland, it has closed it’s circle to a smaller number of buyers and sellers and put in a false floor on price? Would it not make more sense to focus on growth through investment which is what holders want and expect? Liquidity for trading the token is possibly the worst for something of Wonderland’s size compared across other coins and tokens. Now the largest pool of potential buyers and sellers (old wMEMO holders) have been eliminated so the pool will struggle to grow.

Treasury end of Q1 2023 - $134 million

Treasury end of Q4 2023 - $136 million

But Volta is now up and people are happy - but it’s only due to a failed strategy by the team that has meant old holders are gone.

  • Operations

“Ensure that the information is accurate, the structure is appropriate, the internal organization is effective, and that legal advice is followed in cooperation with the Compliance Department. In addition to ensuring Wonderland’s internal operations are efficient, the Operations Department will provide the rest of the departments with solutions to increase day-to-day efficiency. The Operations Department also serves as the Protocol’s information bank.”

I mean if this department almost serves as a link between all of the rest why is there such a fragmented approach between them all. If it’s supposed to be an information bank for the protocol why are the other departments clearly uninformed on what their responsibilities were as per WIP #32?

Discord server members who have been asking about the deadline since 1st January 2024 have been banned from doing so within a few days, told they are “stirring the pot” and “beating a dead horse” by team members. What is the plan as more and more wMEMO holders come to find out what has happened. What happens when someone with a far greater reach than this poster finds out what happened.

How much was it going to cost to build a fully automatic migration contract and how long would it have taken? I think given the scale of the amount of Wonderland holders this simply needs to be clearly answered. Everybody understands there is a challenge, it still needs to be quantified and still can be. Any team undertaking a project will have options and ways to do it to get to the final result and will put time estimates on cost and timelines for each. I think clearer numbers here are important, as in actual $ cost and dates. And also, if there was a more manual process going to be required, how much time did the team expect this to take. Ultimately, that is what led to the CMP #1 vote so I think it would be important to acknowledge if migrations ran as expected time wise or if the team completely under-estimated what would be needed and therefore, could have tried to communicate with the DAO about that, and essentially not sponsor the vote.

  • Technology

“Ensure that the protocol’s technical components meet industry standards. Assurance that all technical operations are functional and properly managed. Ensure that technological resources are geared towards technological advancement and all technical improvements and suggestions are implemented in a timely manner.”

The frustration which led to a vote that now sees over 70% of wMEMO holders having their tokens worthless came about due to the technology deployed to help the team get the migrations done. They were not fit for purpose to transfer tens of thousands of holders. The team says it did 5,000 migrations in the last 1.5/2 months. At that rate with the technology they had it would have easily required 12 months to get all holders migrated if the technology department was to work as per WIP #32 and serve all holders. Depending on the source of information, the holders to be transferred can be estimated to be 50,000 (happy to be corrected if the wrong contract is being used here from Snowtrace $677.53 wMEMO Token | Token Tracker - Snowtrace).

Rather than improving the technology available to the team as time went on, it actually went backwards. It led to mass frustration among already migrated holders. The technology department failed to suggest anymore solutions to this that could help ease the situation over time. Understandably, the hack on Multichain caused a complex problem, but what would stop a better technological solution to migrated users over time? It is dealing with on-chain data and should be expected that a 9-figure fund can build the technology to deal with this. It would also serve as a potential signal that Wonderland is innovative and is extremely secure for any similar future hack like what happened with Multichain. If one happens again what will be the response from the technology team? Same manual migration method? No technology was ever built perfectly straight away, if a staggered approach was required to getting to the best potential version then that needed to be investigated more.

The frustration that built up with already migrated Volta holders could conceivably be because they saw no end in sight that for the team to focus on migrations and nothing else. A plan of action from the technology department could have eased this.

Also, if the technology department are responsible for the website, why are they not co-ordinating with the communications, operations and compliance department to ensure that people who get their Wonderland information from the website are served there? There was no mention of the deadline for manual migrations for some time after the vote happened. A similar problem occurred in November when the website did not mention the deadline for self-migrations then either.

Another clear indication that WIP #32 has not been followed and all token holders interests catered for. I mean, why it is that basic communication across platforms is not a necessity and why it is not learning from mistakes immediately? When I say I think Wonderland’s communication is more similar to a jigsaw than a clear picture, this is what I mean.

  • Visionary

“Advise all departments in order to ensure that the vision for the Protocol’s growth is implemented and provide knowledge and guidance on delicate decisions. Analyzing and providing insight into the potential risks associated with the protocol’s financial investments to help avoid making decisions that might have unintended consequences. Whenever necessary, assisting with the negotiations with third party protocols.”

Surely, I mean surely, the conflict of interest had to stop you sponsoring the vote, outside of every other failure that the other departments have shown in these last few months. I am happy for you to completely correct all figures I have, I am no expert in blockchain explorer analysis or whatever it might be called so I would ask you or anyone else who is to put up the correct numbers, they are not accessible anywhere within the Wonderland communication channels so this is the best I can do.

Current centralization numbers for Wonderland/Volta Club (please correct):

270,000 circulating Volta Club Tokens approx

100,000 combined in uVolta for Sifu.Vision (90%) and Sifu (10%)

37% for Sifu/SifuVision.

Is there a vote on Sifu.Vision when casting votes for Yes or No in Wonderland or do you just make that decision?

While I understand that the team does not have a veto on what the DAO proposes, they can essentially have a “silent veto” by not sponsoring such a vote knowing that they are tied to a protocol or framework like WIP #32. Since the Snapshot vote is not now available online, I have posted below the downloaded .csv file results from before that event (Snapshot taken down) happened. The comment you left on your vote states you are “voting with the overwhelming majority of the community.”

Despite WIP #32 serving as a guidance for how team members should operate, your comment, your sponsorship of the vote and your vote flies in the face of that protocol completely.

“A long and time-consuming governance system, that promotes mob participation rather than a power by shares or delegation in Wonderland, which is host to constant conflict and disagreement between people who, estimated on votes, collectively hold a very small percentage of the shares.”

Measure this whatever way you want, but even after sponsoring that vote you still had the choice to vote No if you truly felt all holders were not being served. Not counting your vote, the yes and no’s totalled the Volta number number. The wMEMO equivalent (1:330) for yes votes was just over 21, out of a total of over 3200 - “collectively hold a very small percentage of the shares”

If you want to look at total votes cast, that was 123 - “voting with the overwhelming majority of the community.” All done while migration numbers were at 20% or so.

Out of all social channels that Wonderland has available, you are possibly the second biggest in terms of following with 66,700 on your Twitter page (behind the main Wonderland Twitter page) and despite being an active poster not once in the last four months did you retweet something from the Wonderland page around migrations/deadlines, and neither did the Sifu.Vision page for that matter if you want to pass on the problem to that.

If the DAO votes for one thing and you are okay with it (CMP #1) then you must apply that across all votes that have been approved by the DAO and that includes WIP #32 which has given you the freedom to make your investments. In return for that freedom you have a responsibility to serve all token holders as per the numerous sections of WIP #32 I have added here, instead you sponsored and voted to end the majority’s participation in the DAO while there was holders who were able to “accumulate voting power for a brief period of time”.

The circle has closed around the treasury, it is surely a reputational risk that Wonderland did not need. If the fund was to achieve massive growth in the next couple of years do you think out of thousands of people who have had the migration window closed, at least a few wouldn’t want to explore all options and tackle the decisions of the team in whatever way they could? Does that reputational risk alone not put a cap on growth for the treasury? The current excitement around a Bitcoin ETF is built around Wall Street having more ways to enter the market - more liquidity. How can clearly centralizing Wonderland more than ever be a benefit to the token holders?*


If all team members can read this and truly think they have applied WIP #32 when they were needed then I don’t see how it is actually relevant anymore and I would say that it opens many questions around the validity of any vote held by Wonderland. It means there are no standards to which each department will hold itself to to benefit all holders and the basic requirements asked of them have not been considered when implementing their decisions and strategies. I will again state that I understand they had to deal with a difficult situation and can see how it opened up an opportunity to change from the Wonderland name but the failings which have led to a combined loss of close/more than $100 million (based on average treasury of $130 million across the year) to the majority of holders is something that just cannot be hidden or just passed off with throw away comments. While everyone can be frustrated with long term holders and maybe their inactivity WIP #32 literally had a basic definition of what might be expected in this area from participants - a quarterly review. It also said it will communicate across all channels and would manage risks of any smaller groups getting voting power in a short duration of time. The rebranding, migration and vote all show negative performance in comparison to this from the team.

If the team do concede that the information above shows that they have not acted in accordance to WIP #32 they’re options are:

  • Resign
  • Sponsor the vote of No Confidence, which if they now want to act in accordance with WIP #32 should be also posted on the Wonderland Snapshot page seen as no governance procedure ever seemed to end that
  • Provide a solution to fix issues and risks that have come up because of the CMP 1 vote. Given the flexibility and responsibility they are provided with from WIP32, they could ensure a fast response as more wMEMO holders come looking for their money just one week post the imposed 1st January deadline

As there is a requirement for collaboration across teams, it is possible that some team members informed others about their duties under WIP #32. If these were ignored and another team member’s continued without regard for the compliance aspects of their duty then I do not see why the rest of the team will not exercise their right as per WIP #32 to “propose the removal of another team member by internal vote with a valid reason. Majority vote is required.”

To ensure this post is seen, I will soon be creating a Twitter page to hopefully do the job of communicating with wMEMO holders since now they seem to be clogging up the new Discord server with questions and post everything I have on the feed and the page will be promoted hopefully helping TIME, MEMO and wMEMO holders find out that they’re holdings are now worthless and I will send them to the Twitter account who changed its name without letting people know - @thevoltaclub.

I understand a DAO can vote on anything, but ultimately there is responsibility resting with the team for causing any frustration the migrated Volta holders had due to each department’s failings that concluded with a team member sponsoring the vote.

I would have imagined that in a new bull run Wonderland could position itself as a project that could see a $10 billion treasury if it had a reputation that could get in the door for some of the best deals/crypto start ups out there. Instead, given what has happened I do not see it being anything more than a “Golden Goose” treasury fund where the team will get the fees and Volta holders are told “buybacks are coming”.

Thank you for the Wonderful Memories.

Community Interest:

  • All team members have not performed as per standards set in WIP #32
  • All team members have performed as per standards set in WIP #32
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Great job on breaking it down!I just killed 2 hours in chat with mods, that claims that team was against it but im yet to see any evidence where team is actively discussing the negative effect of excluding majority of memo holders(as they did not convert yet) by design.
Given short time window 1 month from vote to deadline and 0 OUTSIDE communication, that reached me as an investor who lost $1200+ which was a tiny part remaining from 12k+ original investment.

this VOTE Is a JOKE and a highway robbery, team being passive aggressive with their responses, obviously shows which side they really on.


I have been observing your conversation with said mod. Personally, I feel that you were extremely aggressive and borderline rude with your typing in caps in that chat. His role was to explain the situation and facts to you, and have done so multiple times. Have also mentioned to you multiple times that besides another vote to override the current one, there is nothing we can do.

The team can only abide by the results of DAO votes. Our hands are tied in that aspect. We have tried to be compassionate to you, and said mod has even patiently engaged with you in that chat. You may try to pick on every aspect of what you don’t agree with in this CMP, or how the migration was conducted, but the end result is going to be the same in that there is nothing anyone from the team can do to reverse the vote.

So unless you come up with a convincing enough proposal of why holders should vote to reopen migration, taking into consideration that not only will this lower current holders’ backing, but also how we should answer to the various people that we have turned away and already sold their tokens, I don’t think there is any point in engaging with further discourse on this topic, especially when you already understand the ramifications of having a deadline for migrations.

Look, I agree that this situation is not ideal. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have agreed to what was being proposed as well. Or at least, I had hoped that there was more consultation with the community before it was proposed. So instead of banging your head against this wall that obviously wouldn’t budge, let’s just move on and either propose a good solution, or take this as a lesson learnt when dealing with nascent industries like crypto.

I appreciate your response i truly do, even though you as a member of a team and holder of now new token is also extremally biased, and please dont take offense to damn CAPS and calling being companionate, when you are talking to people who lost REAL MONEY.
please stop instulting people with your fake compassion, and SHOW IT IN ACTIONS, PLEASE!!!

My point is simple, I as well as others talked to 4 people in less than 24 hours, are convinced that team cannot be that naive/gullible, so its either extremally negligence or pure collusion, with self gain as a result of it.

You, TEAM, are to ANSWER of ALL HOLDERS of the WMEMO as per prior votes and governing documents of MEMO DAO = FACT!
You, TEAM, are and were aware that more than 50% of holders DID NOT CONVERT = FACT!
You, TEAM, did not communicate effectively/long enough to reach higher conversion = FACT!
You, TEAM, did not fight nearly hard enough to demonstrate your loyalty and Fiduciary duty to majority of the investors = FACT!
I asked admin multiple times to show me evidence of where team was against it and long discussion about it, either on forum or old discord, i was SHOWN NONE! Please go ahead and prove me wrong.
the only thing i saw is comment with LOL that undermines the issue, pointing to admin/team clearly understanding the problem and ramifications, and that in other words it will be THEFT. there is no other way to call a theft, im sorry dudes!

The message from you man …clearly states
“what are you guys thoughts on that? Good or bad?”

and response to U:“Little dubious.
As the only people that actually can vote, have financial incentive to close, migration, lol”
A freaking LOL MAN!

i will response with more actionable suggestions of what you team SHOULD START doing, to SHOW /demonstrate what your trying to say you are, which against that vote and companionate!

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You might be better off moving to Twitter and putting your comments there because everything just gets lost on Discord and everything batted away. I think ultimately the team will just hope this event doesn’t pick up much viewing outside Discord in the next few days/weeks and that’ll be the end of it all

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oh trust me it will, started planning on it…


First steps i suggest team does:

  1. ADMIT that you were part of collusion, that resulted in theft or thousands of people loosing money.

  2. Decide on which side of this issue you are on and MAKE A STANCE with ACTIONS!

Continue. Only if you agree with first 2 in some shape or form…

  1. STOP treating people who did not convert as lost relatives, 2nd class citizens and give them voice.

Do not downplay messages, move them to support, and play the vinyl record of … but what about 150 days… noOnes fault that you did not check discord… just stop, please that’s insulting, you ALL clearly know what happed.

  1. Create Channel(s) in discord for people like us, and start collecting information about it. Direct people that are in this “class action law suit” there in that channel.

  2. Crate google sheet to collect personal data to reach people, whatever people want to leave, plus wallet address and balance, aprox date when they acquired wmemo

  3. Make public announcement on NEW + OLD!!! Discord that that’s what happed and most importantly DETAILS, spell it out in NUMBERS, like if you want to help, BE HONEST…

Like hey 90% of our team was against it, here are votes, and we did not communicate efficient enough to get more people converted sooner, and that’s what happened, as a result X, Y, Z, SHOW PEOPLE Numbers, Why person who lost money should do it on the forum here, and not U who have all the answers, and have data, are OPEN and HONEST about it? What does it show us and soon rest of the internet/crypto community?

  1. Make similar post … if you were affected by the vote, limiting your time to convert and lost more than $100… read this… whatever… direct people to funnel where info will be self observed by them and info collection…

  2. Analyze the data as it comes in and adjust the process. Report weekly/biweekly in publicly visible discord to all members or new channels created.

in form of … As of today, we collected X records with aprox WMEMO lost…

No verification, no claims no conversation, just information campaign and data analysis to UNFUCK IT!

  1. Gather feedback from others in the channels other “LOOSERS” and adjust the process to reach the ultimate goal… simple damn GOAL, REACH AS MANY LOOOSERS AS POSSIBLE with CLEAR MESSAGE of the problem and RESULT OF IT.

  2. when u collect 50-100 people in that funnel, HOST AMA, call same week, and allow people to speak, don’t down play it, minimize their voices. LEARN FROM IT, Don’t tell people who lost $1500 to move on, DONT! never do that! Bad KARMA!

allow for debate type of questions/format with people/not team who were for proposals, please make it voice call not chat/text/forum.

  1. when you collect 200+ people, with estimated balance of wmemo that should swing the vote, MAKE NEW PROPOSAL HAPPENED.

Hope you get my plan, feel free to ask me direct actionable questions (if you say u care, u will)

The plan is not perfect, but it is doable and actionable.

The choice is simple either U OWN UP to your words and promises and do it with US, or we DO IT W/O, with A TON more actionable items, daily tasks by hundreds/thousands of people with money that want to ruin the reputation by collective they have been hurt by.

So we be friends or Foes… simple man!


First Steps Suggested for the Team:

  1. Admit Involvement: Acknowledge your part in the collusion that resulted in many people losing money.
  2. Take a Stance: Clearly decide where you stand on this issue and demonstrate it through actions.
  3. Respect for Non-Converters: Stop treating those who didn’t convert as inferior; give them a voice and stop dismissing their concerns.
  4. Create Communication Channels: Set up Discord channels specifically for those affected to gather and share information.
  5. Data Collection: Establish a Google Sheet for collecting personal data, wallet addresses, and balance information.
  6. Public Transparency: Make a public announcement in both new and old Discord channels detailing exactly what happened, with honest numbers and voting results.
  7. Direct Information Funneling: Guide affected individuals to a specific information and data collection point.
  8. Data Analysis and Reporting: Regularly analyze the collected data and adjust the process accordingly. Report these findings openly in Discord.
  9. Feedback and Adjustment: Collect feedback from affected individuals to improve the process and communicate the issue and its impact clearly.
  10. Open Discussion Forum: Host an AMA after gathering a significant group, to facilitate discussion and learn from the affected individuals.
  11. Proposing Change: Once enough people are involved, initiate a new vote to address and rectify the issue.

This plan is not perfect, but it is actionable. The choice now is to either collaborate and take responsibility or face collective action from those affected. Let’s aim for cooperation.


To your points, firstly I don’t know what you want us to admit. Our role simply is to execute what was decided by the vote. That’s all.

I don’t think we’ve ever treated non-converters as inferior. If we had, said mod wouldn’t have spent hours conversing with you even when the conversation was going around in circles. The fact that we created dedicated 1-to-1 support channels for people who missed the migration is exactly to show that we care and want to dedicate our time to explaining the situation to each and every one of them.

And anyone can start a proposal for a vote. If the proposal is good enough, simply ask a 1% holder to sponsor posting it on Snapshot. But as it was mentioned to you, it is highly unlikely that people would vote to essentially lower the backing of their token. It is not an ideal situation but lets recognise reality.

So whilst I appreciate your actionable steps, they unfortunately won’t give you the result you seek. The team only works in accordance with what was decided by vote, and the voting system only allows VOLTA holders to vote. Any changes to that would require a vote to change it. That’s how a DAO works. The team, while given power to make executive decisions, cannot go against voted decisions even if it conflicts with their plan.

Hence, it is not that we intentionally shut the doors on you. But this is the current situation whether you like it or not. The team is servant to the DAO and will execute whatever decisions the DAO makes.

To your points, firstly I don’t know what you want us to admit. Our role simply is to execute what was decided by the vote. That’s all.
Exactly what you just admitted again with your response.

Thank you for showing your true face and complacency with this scam, and which side you are own.
Simply put If you were part of the project, Prior to any conversion, You were to execute PRIOR VOTES and VOTINGS of WMEMO PROJECT.
If all PRIOR agreements were NULL AN VOID, please POINT ME to Governance documents/votes by OLD DAO that ratified that, where complete NEW SET OF RULES were established. Where rule, that publicly stated that allowed for members/investors to check in once per quoter with statement/release on discord/twitter.

Does not violate the prior promissed to ME and OTHER Thousand of Investors?

I don’t think we’ve ever treated non-converters as inferior

hope u’re not fking serious with this response?
Thats why we’re talking in the the forum, with 15 replies, and not in DISORD MAIN ROOM, Or separate room? WITH NO MESSAGED DELETED, SPECIFICALLY ON THIS TOPIC?

Why not Just roll with some of the action items i proposed.

I GAVE U THE CHANCE TO START Picking your self from a pull of shitty mud.
U of course chose to piss on it, and IGNORE, otherwise, THIS PUBLIC ROOM WOULD HAVE EXITSTED 5 hours ago!

It really is pointless to engage with you, as you are unwilling to be responsible to investors.

Now will just have to make it a PUBLIC FIGHT and ONE U WILL NOT WIN.

When did existing WMEMO investors votted to adopt new VOLTA?

ONE MORE CHANCE DUDES to redeem yourselves(this message to ENTIRE TEAM)
U stole millions of $… now u just playing dumb.
that’s that simple.
Last chance

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who told that’s more productive and what people want? by dividing and hiding people voices and deleting messages. We dont need 1-1 support. WE NEED PUBLIC DEBATE DISCOURSE. these messages need to stay public.
as if u are against the vote(which i strongly) dont belive, unless u all have some sort of fked split personality, and thats a criteria for this project, if u are against, U would want to prove the point, and showing that people, that in your (still ) opinion were wrong,… Look, this is what we’ve done with this vote…
look, just loooook…


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As stasevich said 1-to-1 “support channels” don’t help because they are not visible to the general conversation.

I don’t understand how various members of the ‘team’ keep stating that it was the intention to keep manual migrations open indefinitely.

As per the comment made by Catalyst … the “security vulnerability” was from the “automatic ones” (automatic migrations).
So the TEAM knew about this and could have easily allayed the concerns of the Volta holders.

Then, conveniently an unknown (seemingly still unidentified) individual posts a CMP to “End manual migration”.

As this individual did NOT have the sufficient holding required to “create a new CMP vote on Snapshot directly” why did a TEAM MEMBER sponsor it if the actual intention of the team was to keep manual migrations open?!?!
NOTE that in this image it is stated that “… if they hold at least 1% of the circulating supply of wMEMO.”

This vote by a VERY SMALL MINORITY (actual holders I mean) to wipe out the INVESTMENT of a significant number of people is an abhorrent action. Many people will have lost sums of money so a few could hold a larger stake.
It is a very short sighted approach. And to blame holders for “not participating” or “that’s de-fi” or “crypto is very liquid so you have to stay active” or … any of the other multitude dismissive comments made in the discord by members of the TEAM and others only serves to damage the reputation of crypto in general. That isn’t good for anyone.
And if you think otherwise … that a few hundred odd holders can gain when tens of thousands of people will come after this – all I can say is Good luck!

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TBH I don’t know where to even start with my replies to you because you seem to be all over the place, and I really don’t appreciate the usage of all caps. But I’ll try.

Thank you for showing your true face and complacency with this scam, and which side you are own.
Simply put If you were part of the project, Prior to any conversion, You were to execute PRIOR VOTES and VOTINGS of WMEMO PROJECT.
If all PRIOR agreements were NULL AN VOID, please POINT ME to Governance documents/votes by OLD DAO that ratified that, where complete NEW SET OF RULES were established. Where rule, that publicly stated that allowed for members/investors to check in once per quoter with statement/release on discord/twitter.

I don’t want to see myself as taking sides. Being a token holder myself, I am eligible to my own views and I express them through my vote. But in my role as a moderator, my role involves educating and promoting discourse about the various topics of discussion, including this one.

As for governance matters, no new rules were introduced in the period prior to migration and after migration. Also, I don’t think we need a rule to tell investors when and how often to check on their investments. I have no idea what Q3 release you are referring to, but the team can only execute a DAO vote. There is no way, other than voting with our own wallets, to block a legitimate vote from being cast. Any and all team interferences with the governance process would jeopardise the structure of the DAO.


I think it does not serve anyone with these generalised and inflammatory statements. I did comment on the forum thread as seen here:

I don’t think I’ve attacked anyone on Twitter over this issue. I don’t think I’ve even replied to anyone regarding this if my memory serves me right. I did, however, post a thread about it my twitter account as seen here:

Regarding access to the new server, anyone is able to join it. You do not need to be a migrated holder to join. And once you join, the channels are made available to you and you would be able to see all the discussions. The only sort of discussions that were “hidden” are those in the VIP channel, which is for holders only.

as if u are against the vote(which i strongly) dont belive

You can see my vote in the CMP here, I got nothing to hide:

Furthermore, I have also spoken up on Discord about my thoughts on the morality of this vote and the implications of it for this project as seen here:

if u are against, U would want to prove the point, and showing that people, that in your (still ) opinion were wrong

I prefer to express myself through my own vote. And I also recognise that people might not have the same opinion as me and that’s fine. I don’t have to prove any point, I’d rather do what’s in my capability.

So, if you ask me, and I’ll be very frank and honest here, the only way that the CMP can be reversed is via another CMP to do it. The way the proposal would have a higher chance of success would be as follows:

  • Have a very good reason why migrations have to be reopened. This reason has to be so pertinent that it would convince people to give up their selfish desires and lower their current token backing.
  • Considerations have to be made for people who already sold their tokens because they missed the migration. How would they feel when they have taken the hit and now they could migrate again?
  • How to conduct such an operation should migrations reopen? Manually doing it is extremely time consuming for everyone on the team. For context, each manual migration request go through a series of back and forth interactions (opening request, Team check source of wMEMO, request for wMEMO to be sent to the migration contract, Team check that wMEMO and the right amounts have been sent, placing into a batch to be sent corresponding VOLTA, Team check that correct amounts have been sent). The entire process for every migration request takes 2-4 days to complete.

So I hope I’ve clarified some of the points, and that we can engage in proper discussions instead of using this as an outlet to vent frustrations. I understand that this can be a very stressful situation, but this is not the place to lash out over it.

Honestly I can see three highly valid reasons, as explained in my opening posts:

  • Communications - I’ve shown ways it was not on point and clearly confusing. In a clear comparison, Twitter has been rebranded to since months. But for months now BOTH names are still in use across the board. It was not a case of one day (28th August 2023), everything just changes with bare minimum mention to the old brand (literally zero mention on Twitter as pointed out above) and then in the Q3 Treasury Report zero mention. If I can give kudos to one team member who seemed to understand the urgency and the potential confusion, on looking back it would be @Djinn, but unfortunately he does not have the same reach as the actual main platforms:

He was able to post 3 times about it, including Wonderland name in the Tweet - why wasn’t there more communication like this from the page with 137,000 followers.

  • “Active Participant” - those who wanted to plough ahead with the vote seemed to get behind the term “active participant”, when WIP #32 states a minimum quarterly check-in, this should have been advised by the team. Given the time of the vote team could have proposed Febraury/March as a better time.

  • Team Member sponsoring the vote and voting yes - you can’t really say that “we wanted to keep migrations open if that happened”, the team is the team and a member did that while migrations were extremely low. How many people could have even sponsored a vote at that stage with around 20% of migrations taking place? It was a borderline abuse of power for a DAO.

On the considerations for those who have sold - you have your date from early November, why not just stick to it or come up with something to stick to it? And why is the team not actively looking to make suggestions around how they can fix some of these problems.

On how to conduct migrations - simple would be to start with migration windows same as redemption windows. Not perfect, will come with its own problems, think through them and there is a way forward. Time, money and communication will go a long way to increasing the numbers. Could the automatic migration windows be opened for short periods, people go on a waitlist, the team can batch process then or come up with a solution once a security check done?

Who’s to say as part of a communications effort to get more people to migrate you could only do them when X amount of spots have been filled, i.e. when the waitlist gets to 500 holders then batch that group. Creates a sense of urgency within those who are on the list to spread the message across platforms and helps the team. Once 500 are done next waitlist opens for the next etc…


yes and pathological liars, thief and cliptomaniacs are not aware that they are doing something wrong either.
you can hide all you want behind you i dont think we did, and your simple diversion tactics to wrong part of the argument.





U must not be from US…

It would be like Nebraska deciding to call an ELECTION for an Entire country, on the hour 2 of the election, during a DAMN ELECTION!!!

honestly dude, i can see through you by now, u’ re just wasting our time pretending to care, and denying contradicting statements else where.
you are just a puppet, real masters behind you, they are too afraid to speak up and own up to this scam

STOP with the lies, I JOINED, i can see SHEEEEET on DISCORD!!!

what you all DO NOT GET or playing DUMB, by posting VOLTA CLUB twitter posts as supposed justification of communication


ALL YOUR 150 days, comments… are MUTE POINT AFTER THAT!
I really hope ure not that dumb to get this simple point, u’re just trolling us at this point…

look one last point
Im an it person of 25+ years who runs SAAS company, i can estimate unit economics of task of manually converting token. 15-20 minutes MAX of time spend, NOT SPAN FROM OPEN TO CLOSE (LENGHT) but TIME SPENT!

Solution A: bunch them together = > process them 1 time per 1/2/4 weeks
Solution B: charge fee/tax for it(small but enough to cover the cost) say 5% tax, $10 min.
If you dont have resources = hire them, u can afford it, huge war chest of stolen money.

problem is gone… if you continue to BS us about these topics i will make them public for future investors, which will be less and less with every 10 tweets/posts/retweets and every youtube videos that will come out.
Unless of course its not the goal of the project to gain size, u just want to wind this shit down, to yet next epic failure/rebranding, to see more people fall off, so u can inflate your tiny share to feel even more significant…
Cause honestly thats exactly all you’re doing by comments like this

  • Have a very good reason why migrations have to be reopened. This reason has to be so pertinent that it would convince people to give up their selfish desires and lower their current token backing.


Wonderland investors group consisted of different folks, of differnt backgrounds, professions, levels of intelegence.
I’ve been in IT,since the time, im sure u were running under the table sucking on momys titty, but I DID NOT HAVE FULL UNDERSTANDING of VOLTA CLUB MIGRATION, Im not talking about deadline, that I was not aware of,we’ve established the fake vote illigimacy and failure to comunicate, so different point.
i was not 100% unless i needed to spent hours more of time catching up/figuring out.
I thogh maybe its another BetsWapp deal, where i have to proof that i have WMEMO to get some new tockens at first, then in november before holidays, i spent some more time reading and it was more clear still not 100% thats the deal, i had to invest even more time…
So u’re basically take peoples $
U DECIDE TO DO SOMTHING = which TRANSALTES into people having to jump through hoops(TIME WASTE) and u expect them to do it yesterday, or think that 150 days is enough

noitice the pattern = U
U decided all these things, YOUR TEAM NEVER POLLED the REAL WORLD OF WMEMO investors to validate THESE FALSE ASSUMPTIONS!

so again, u can get offended all u want.
I am still convinced that YOUR TEAM IS IN ON THE SCAM!
Other choices: Dumb, Incompetent…> thats all you get from me at this point.

Look again why are we talking in this god forsaken forum that noone sees? Why the top Gs of the project not publicly addressing the issue? why not hosting ama?
Answer is very obvious and simple…

From what I can understand, the biggest problem is that the team didn’t communicate properly. As a result, all other teams have failed, since if the team had communicated properly, there wouldn’t have been an issue. Please correct me if I am wrong on that.
I am on the opinion that the team did do all they could.

The team isn’t responsible for the number of engagements and, therefore, the number of users who have seen the tweets. If we look at many big and important Twitter accounts, we can see that the views can be worse off than the official Wonderland Twitter.
I will leave 3 examples of random twitter accounts and random tweets:

BBC Press office - 220k followers 7k views:

Adidas - 4.3m followers 110k views:

BAT - 260k followers 10k views:

Also, if you look back at old tweets, there isn’t much of a difference in the views compared to now. As pointed out with much larger brand accounts, the number of followers isn’t representative of who will view the tweet.

Another example is the Time token. Currently, on Avalanche, there are 34k holders. What about them? What about all the time they had to convert to Memo? What about Memo holders who didn’t wrap? There are 310k holders on Avalanche. Why don’t you say the team failed them as well?

While I do agree that there are areas where the team is lacking, I completely disagree that the team has failed its holders. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your investments. “Stake and chill” works until something happens. Also, I am not sure if it is you, but someone with the same views did acknowledge they saw there was a migration, but at the time, there wasn’t a deadline, and they chose not to do anything. Not even check for 2 minutes.

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I don’t think comparing an URGENT need for people to transfer their wallets/money close to $100 million to a new token is quite comparable to the BBC putting up a Tweet about a David Attenborough TV show or other completely trivial Tweets. I would compare such a Tweet and the others you have inserted more like the GIFs and yacht party Tweets by the Twitter page of this DAO.

And again, my issue as I have tried to explain to the team is not about the number of views of the tweets, it’s KNOWING you are getting low views which clearly means not enough people are viewing your tweets so in order to get more views you need more volume of tweets, understand?

If I post once and get 8,000 views and that’s it for a month, then views for the month = 8,000
If I post 10 times about something in a month it’s 10 x 8,000 = 80,000 views and a greater spread of people within that 80,000

Posting once is not enough, this is exactly what Djinn did he posted 3 times with 5 days to go with urgent and the #Wonderland in his tweet but the guy has like 60 followers so it’s not going to be enough.

The team simultaneously talks about doing everything they can in terms of communication while “not hyping” the DAO. I don’t see how they can run together. Back when this started, Wonderland was pretty much built on a guy (like him or not) who was a marketer. Dani communicated non-stop about the frogs everyday (volume of views). The page could be silent more or less and just follow with the basic announcements similar to what’s posted on the Discord. Now without a member like that the team needs to be more public to get these projects over the line and that is what they are, projects (rebrand and migration of thousands of holders).

And you are correct I did see a note about migrations, but nothing about deadlines even after the migration deadline was imposed, so there’s a mistake on my side, happy to admit 100%, but why does the team not even acknowledge that things were not on point from their side too? No one has referred to my post about WIP #32, is it just something to wipe your ass with or is it there to determine if the team is performing well or not?

Jigsaw-puzzle communication. There’s a standard WIP #32 that a team is held to in order to take a few million dollars from this fund, why can they not be questioned when they don’t get some very basic things right and just absolve themselves of any mistakes. My opening post about is about the team and how they ran the project (new brand and migration), the numbers that they converted speaks for themselves, their project failed, so what they just carry on? Do you honestly think not even mentioning that “Wonderland is now Volta” on Twitter in the last few months is acceptable? It seems rooted in the idea of “not hyping”. There’s thousands of holders, that requires hype unfortunately, go make a new fund if that’s what you’d prefer. Well now there kind of is one, but 73% of it was taken from previous holders so yeah, little hype, new fund, successful job by the team (or at least one member of it)

The mark of people absolving themselves of a problem they created is not acknowledging they have a large part of it and not coming up with any possible solutions. As a result, because I do not see them coming up with anything and I don’t see a vote by the 27% of migrated holders coming up the only way I think it’s solved is if a new team comes into place who’s interest is in all token holders, communicates well across the board and acknowledges mistakes, and is interested in growing the fund AND hyping the project, in other words marketing it. This team went and created a project and a new governance token without a vote, created problems from their way of delivering the project and now lost 73% of holders, I don’t see why they should continue to be honest.


Seems to be a lot of going in circles, so let’s focus on what’s missing from this NCV proposal.

If the vote is posted and passes, then what ? Who handles the post no-confidence work? How do we get back on track as a protocol ? Who will put in place the will of the DAO if there is no one left ?

We’ve voted on proposals in the past that were lacking in similar details and it came back to haunt us. Let’s say everyone agrees the team should be fired, we would need a plan to keep moving forward. Otherwise, this is more or less a wind down vote and no one is going to be better off.

On the other hand, if there’s a NCV and the result is to keep the team. Then what ? Migration is still over. All these issues become irrelevant ? People still lost money. I guess it could serve as potential feedback for the future decisions.

But no problems were fixed.

I’m honestly not sure how actionable this vote is. In it’s current state, one way or the other, the DAO and the community doesn’t get out of it in a better shape.