No reward after converting Memo into wMemo

There is a problem with Wmemo. I am not receiving rewards after wrapping memo. I Tried to contact on telegram but that seems scam one as they asked to connect the wallet to the Dapp link. I tried to report but no action so far. DIscord one is turned off.
I think TM needs to provide support, Can they look into the matter


You should receive rebase rewards when wrapped. Connect your wallet on and you can see how many memo you have. You should have more than when you started if you did it right. Make sure you’re not on a fake wonderland website, You can find the real one on coinmaketcap

Like @Nate111, your wMEMO doesn’t increase in amount, it increases in how much MEMO it is worth.


Maybe this tweet from Dani help you to understand It

@Nate111 @NalX After wrapping my memo a week ago I have 0 memo left and X wmemo, now I undestood I won’t see any wMemo increase but memo is still to 0 is it normal? Do I get all after unwrapping?

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Yes. That’s right, you’d get more MEMO once you unwrap.

You get the initial amount plus the rebase rewards when unwrapped. I suggested because you can see your MEMO amount as well as Wmemo value

The value of wMEMO in MEMO is always increased, but in your wallet, you will always have the same wMEMO.
If you want to quick check everytime, go to the WRAP button and take a look
All you have to do then is to multiply whatever amount you have of wMEMO with the MEMO number

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Thanks. Is safer to connnect.

yep, could always be subject to exploit I suppose, but you can also just paste your address, no need to connect.

I think they should make it more visible somehow on the web, at times of dip, the only thing that keeps me hopeful is to see my Memo/Time growing, and this is not so visible since I moved them to wMemos.