NO to revenue share model and YES to more advance APY strategy coupled with NFTs rewards

The most powerful element to Time wonderland is the strong APY and the community behind it. Instead of taken that off and moving to less powerful and lucrative model. Here is a suggestion:

If we can get TimeWonderland to:

  1. a rebase model that is based on how long you keep your Time staked to avoid trading before and after the 8/hr rebase. This will insure that Time value will go up to the right because more people will be incentivize to leave their time more in the protocol.

  2. Giving NFTs for people who stake their Time for more than 90 days - 180 days and 365 days. Each NFT has its own value based on the how long time has been staked. We can also coupled this with some cool traits for the OGs members who invested in TimeWonderland in its first days.

  3. Having higher APY that goes proportional to how long you stake your Time.

Any or some of these steps will take TimeWonderland to whole different era of ATHs.

Always with love and respect.


I couldn’t desagree more, the APY cannot be this high at long-term like 5 years. The revenue share model is actually genius, the treasury is getting a lot of money from LP tokens and it could easily be shared with stakers.

The APY model is working fine right now but some day it wont work anymore, so we will need to evolve and the share model is perfect.

The NFT part is not that bad though. I think utility NFTs given to whom have staked X amount for X period is a great idea


Thanks for the reply, I have given 3 options that if any of them get implemented TIME will explode.
Also, wouldn’t you think. that share model make more people leave Time and less profits to be made?
We have to have some incentives for long terms holders.

I am also not with this as we need sustainable growth and good investments