Non Protocol Invasive Incentives

How do people not understand giving more than 100% of the APY is unfeasable and will make the backed price diverge to zero?

I’m readin all these like incentive methods that include giving more APY than possible without creating a cascade of effects in the equations. After all with guaranteed APY that the protocol can’t necessarily meet all the time (no pun intended) that could lead to our backed price dropping to $0.

I’m down for some incentives THAT DONT TOUCH THE PROTOCOL (negatively). Like custom NFTs for every 30 days you’ve stayed staked so that the longest frog staked has the rarest commemorative NFT. Maybe even like a penalty of like percent of the increased for those who unstake before a season/halfyear/three seasons/ full year (In which case you could BURN their tokens taken with the penalties, increasing the backed price)

Penalty Schedule Example:

  1. Unstaking before 30 days (30% of gains?)
  2. Unstaking before 90 days (20% of gains?)
  3. Unstaking before 180 days (10% of gains?)
  4. Unstaking before 270 days (7% of gains?)
  5. Unstaking before 365 days (5% of gains?)
  6. Unstaking after 365 days: You are a Boss Frog Professional and you deserve a NFT of yourself dancing on on the TIMe you have made
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I completely agree that the protocol should be left alone. The more it is altered the variable outcomes can start to arise. And if we introduce new ways to access the smart contract then there is the possibility of exposure to malicious hackers or gaming the system. I’m confident in Dani and the team avoiding that but nothing is 100% secure and with the constant threats being even greater as the treasury grows… you can see where this is going… I am also with HectorDAO and the discussion of variable lengths of staking options was proposed as in 30/60/90/365 for lock up and tiered reward APR. Then ppl have choices standard for most liquidity higher rates for less liquidity. I also like the NFT idea( I don’t have one! It would be way cool to get my first with TIME! Lol) but the NFT could even be integrated later with Dani’s idea of moving to a gaming platform, but with dual or multi use functionality. I’m here for the long haul. Just a tiny tadpole trying to be a decent frog one day. Just hope nothing crazy shakes up a great project that just needs what it’s own name implies… TIME :sunglasses::man_shrugging::+1: :frog::heart: Love and luck to all of us


Distribution of free NFTs to holders is a good idea. But there should be some use for these NFTs as no one outside the protocol will buy them. One of the possible uses - future games to be released.

100% with you on this, NFTs without a purpose are useless imho!

Wow I read for the first time the proposal of nft for this project and I like it a lot.

That can be an incentive to stake or to use the protocol as should. And like someone said before, if we go towards the game industry, the nft can have a real use case.

I’m not a fan to impose restrictions to the user cause it goes against the mentality of this envoirment itself… But ofc you made a good point.

Like this thread. I’ll keep an eye on it