Official buyback vote

  • Continue old buyback system
  • New buyback system where its impossible to go under backing
  • No buybacks

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  • New buyback system would prevent arbitrage but it depletes treasury faster
  • Old system allows for whales to game the system, as they have been
  • No buybacks allow for completely organic price action but it allows price to go lower than comfortable

Buybacks could definitely tank this project, no to buybacks

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Dani requested a vote on buybacks so here it is :smiley:

Too many questionnaires like this. You should define EXACTLY what you mean and give details. As the plan has changed so often, many might be no longer be aware of the buyback promise which was published on the website, but was then removed. Of course there are sources which document this, but please explain this with facts. People who signed up under this promise should be respected.

Are you in direct contact with Dani, or why do you imagine that he requested this?

In the AMA he said “someone needs to put the buybacks to a vote” not in direct contact.

Just to look at what people are thinking and provide and open discourse right now.

Could you please provide a link for everybody to study because that contradicts what he previously stated?

Did you attend the ama today? I’m not going to sift through the entire thing because you didn’t watch it.

No, do you have a link?

Do you use the discord. It’s in the announcements.

Just look up Dani ama on YouTube.

Yes, Dani said that buyback had been officially discontinued at the moment and the subject needs to be discussed whether to restart. However, the buyback promise which was initially made should be upheld for those owning up to the time that this was removed from the web site. That was a reason for many to invest in the project as it gave them confidence.

I hope people are starting to realize the chaos that ensues when constantly rapid changes are made.

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