Okay, cut the APY, but Revenue share still needs a number (much like divident yield)

I’ve read previous discussions and proposals about the Revenue Share model. There are some great ideas everywhere.
However, I am just wondering how will that be quantified?

I mean, the APY model gives us an insight into how much yield we should expect and when.

In the case of the Revenue Share model, will we have such a number?

I mean, In the stock market, the dividend yield for stocks is let’s say 3-15% every quarter, every 6 months, or every year. Dividends are based on the Revenue Share Model.

In the new model for TIme, a part of the revenue is shared among users, but we would still need a number, i.e. yield: 5% of investment monthly distributed in USDC or something like this.


Unknown until we have a revenue share model in place. Any numbers right now are speculation. Sifu used to estimate about 40% APR. That said, things have changed, could still be accurate, could be more, could be less…

A lot of decisions need to be made before we get any concrete numbers.


I don’t believe the number matters at this point in time. I am just proposing to just be a number there somewhere. An investment platform with no yield/return numbers would suffer from distrust, doubt, or just be skipped bc there are no numbers regarding the yield.

Well, I get what you are saying, but if we were to put a number right now it would be 0% since revenue sharing has not been implemented yet.

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