[OPTION #2] The Rebirth of the Ecosystem



Why the Ecosystem ?

The ecosystem was the original vision presented to frogs. One could say it represents different type of frogs working together for the greater good. The essence of Frog Nation. Frogs helping other frogs.

Keeping the protocols separate is also a more decentralized way to achieve the vision compared to the merger where everything would be centralized into one protocol. This aligns better with the core values of crypto & Web 3.

Having a decentralized ecosystem could make it easier for the community of a protocol with a similar vision to work together to achieve it without having to compete against the community of another protocol who may have a different vision.

More details around the original vision in the Tweets below.


Known Details

During the latest AMAs Daniele has given some hints about what his vision looked like if we were to use this option.

The Rebirth of the Ecosystem
Daniele has mentioned that if we were to take this route, Wonderland could invest in Abracadabra in order to fund some of the development require to take the protocol to the next level.

Each protocol would remain their own and follow their own path while collaborating to help each other out.

What would be your ideal vision for the Ecosystem ?

To be determined

If Wonderland is to invest in Abracadabra, a deal would need to be negotiated. What does that mean for Wonderland ? SPELL tokens ? Special cauldron ? A cut of the fees ?

Feel free to share below ideas and suggestions about what terms you would consider fair.

  • Yes, I would prefer if we did this.
  • No, I prefer another option.

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Keep in mind that none of these options are official proposals, they only serve as getting the discussions started.

goodbye forever.

TLDR: Ecosystem is the way to go. If not the current one, other protocols to partner with or building our own.

Why building an ecosystem for Wonderland is the way to go ?

To make a reality of the vision that brought Wonderland to life, an ecosystem is required.

The original narrative

Wonderland on was built on the back of 3,3 Frogs, the treasury was bootstrapped with the “stake and collect your lambo in a year” mentality and the “fuck the suits” (FTS) narrative hit a soft spot for a lot of people. While the hype train has left the station, Wonderland’s purpose and target audience remains the same.

First time down the DeFi Rabbit Hole

If managed properly, Wonderland could be a funnel to bring a wave of new investors to DeFi by providing a semi-safe/stable alternative to TradFi options.

Wonderland can serve as an entry point for retail investors who want their funds to be managed while having access to some of the investment Wonderland may make. To effectively deploy the capital provided, other protocols are required. These protocols could be where Wonderland has invested in their creation or a partner. Regardless, the relationships should be mutually beneficial.

The more investors are new to the DeFi/crypto world, the more “education” they will require. While Wonderland can make it easy for them to begin, we can also provide resources to more advanced DeFi/crypto knowledge. Ideally, another protocol part of the ecosystem can retain these more “advanced” investors wanting explore by providing the required tools and proper incentive.

One token VS Multiple tokens

One core principle of crypto is decentralization. A core principle of investing is to diversify.

Based on simply those two principles, having “One token to rule them all” is not sound. The FTS narrative also has the connotation to screw these big companies that control everything and give the power back to the people. Having one protocol that does everything could conflict with that narrative.

There is also the potential of trying to do too much. That being said, proper management of human resources should, in theory, be able to overcome most of these issues.

How does that work ?

To work properly, Wonderland should be the heart of the ecosystem.

Compared to protocols like Abracadabra and Popsicle, Wonderland is the more “newbie friendly”. Wonderland does the more complex task for its investors.

Simple crypto investing for those who do not have the time or the resources to manage their own portfolio. Buy into Wonderland and get XX% APR. It should not be a crazy high APR, it should be a realistic one.

I will use my Wonderland Subnet example to better represent the ecosystem.

Using a subnet, we could use TIME as gas (reducing inflation). The TIME token would be the first introduction to the ecosystem. To simplify Wonderland even more, should an investor want to take part of the returns, staking TIME could go directly to wMEMO and the farm. (a case could be made to not stake the wMEMO directly in the farm should there be different utility).

As the heart of the ecosystem, Wonderland would pump it’s capital (and user) into the other protocols and generate returns to share with it’s investors. The business model is closer to TradFi investing, which may help with the transition.

While Wonderland could be the main protocol to make money, there would also be the need to borrow money. Bridging the gap between crypto and real life assets, as mentioned in the last AMA, is an important part to adoption.

Products like our Liquid Staking platform can be built/improved and make the subnet/ecosystem a place where you can have access to all your DeFi/crypto needs.

  • A case for restarting minting (wMEMO) could be made. If TIME is being used again, new LPs would need to be created. Using TIME for gas and having regular redemption periods could help reduce the inflation cause by minting.
  • Rebases/APY could be discontinued or adjusted as needed depending on how we define the tokenomics.

Keeping in mind that the future is most likely multichain, Wonderland will need to operate on more than one chain behind the scenes.

The goal is to keep it simple for investors, while also providing them the option for more advanced investing.

This is far from a complete vision, but rather an idea, or a direction that Wonderland could take should the DAO desire. Feel free to address the multiple gaps and/or add to this incomplete idea.