Options for Exit & Continuation


There are a lot of proposals and propositions going out. However, I don’t think this choice is binary. I think we can provide options and allow choices to be made by the community.

  1. Let those who want to exit, exit. I propose the snapshot at the time of BSGG airdrop should be the position and representation of these buyouts.

  2. The protocol has some support for continuing as some Frogs are separating the idea from the creators. For these frogs, they are returned, if altered, to their position at the same place the BSGG drop. Prior to the FUD storm and fallout.

  • These two operate together - return to the snapshot around the BSGG airdrop and those that want to leave leave and if you want to stay stay.
  1. This idea I have not heard. Sell the treasury, protocol, and it’s assets. We just heard about the potential of a merger, what about a complete acquisition. The treasury is still profitable, has a community that with new leadership would most likely come back to the plate. There are other protocols that could use the owned liquidity and treasury to help grow their existing efforts.

If the protocol continues, with no buyout.

  1. Doxed team: Someone else proposed this already - Community can vote on hiring mangers, interviews, and then vote on candidates to step in as well as compensation.

  2. Education and Public Relations - We need to educate investors and frogs. The standing up of Frog University. Provide token incentives for completing education and if leverage is still allowed - this would be a pre-requisite for using leverage. So strategies, general micro/macro economics can be taught.

  3. Sustainable - This means the 80,000% APY goes away. We trade it in for a commitment lock - think xLQDR on liquid driver. The longer you commit your stake the better the APY. In addition we have revenue share, so the treasury grows but there are dividends paid to owners of the fund. Lastly, investment bonuses - negotiating airdrops and such as bonuses to members. I think the bonuses are even equitable split, maybe an algo based on time locked/HODL in the system but not $ position. This way no bonus airdrop robberies.

Lastly, and most optionally, going from a 100% volatile crypto asset class and including real assets. Creating a bridge from the real world to crypto world. I think this type of financial incentive bridge will allow for further adoption by more people.

There has to be a transition, from what is known, safe, and comfortable to our world of extreme APY/APR swings, efficiency, and volatility.

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