PAGE on wonderlands main site showing all ASSETS OWNED BY TREASURY and updated in realtime

Since we own the treasury we should all be able to see exactly what assets we are invested in. it will give investors peace of mind as to why the treasury fluctuates and also help new investors understand the concept of DAO.


UP, this is right for a DAO, i want see where my funds are invested :slight_smile:

I agree with you as well. I found the following address in a Twitter thread about the same subject. These address have combined 267 MM USD (102 +165). Still there is a gap to reach total treasury of 689 MM USD. Please if somebody know where is the remain balance, please share with us.

The treasury (balance sheet) is one of the main value of Wonderland and should be clear available in the web site. Lot’s of serious people with cash will not put money in Wonderland if they do not find it clear.

Here is the updated link of the treasury: Zapper - Dashboard for DeFi


Yes. And why and where total value staked went as in x unstaked 10 mill, y unstaked $500, z unstaked 15k. Those wallets that are unstaking multiple times a week or month should possibly be worked out in a way that they cant anymore. Treasury the same, why did it drop 55 million in a day? I sure do want to know. Would like to know before millions are being spent on different investments for the treasury before it happens also. What is the plan and why did you do it, how was it paid for.

You can check all transactions of the treasury in the link I shared.


thank you and i will. It needs to be an extension on .money though for easy access