Partnerships/VC role with other upcoming DeFi and block-chain gaming projects

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I am a new~ish member among the Wonderland community. But I have been around the block in DeFi for a while. And I understand that the DAO is looking for more opportunities to ultimately grow their treasury.

So, I have been meaning to ask, Does Wonderland have any short-term plans on using their funds as some sort of a VC/partner in upcoming select projects. Say, for example, if a project already has won a grant from the Polygon team and is looking for partners for the seed/private rounds, Would the DAO be interested in a partnership?

Not sure who or how to communicate this with :sweat_smile: ?

I actually have one such specific project in mind that is already preparing for its seed and private rounds. And already has partnerships with a number of other DAOs. Should I share more details about it here or does the DAO have other plans in mind at the moment?

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Seems to be aligned with what Wonderland wants to do.

Unless you can get a direct line with the team, your best bet is to post something on the forum with enough information for it to get traction.

Then the DAO could vote or the team could reach out if there is potential.

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There are two so far:

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The discord has a channel for ideas, maybe that would work if you wanna pitch.

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