Patnering with Wonderland. Theia.Finance

Hi Frogs!

We are interested in partnering with the Wonderland DAO.

Our mission is to accelerate the rate of innovation in the world and we believe we can achieve this goal by building a new type of crowdfunding platform based on the principles of:
Inclusion, Equality of Opportunities and Decentralisation.

Theia is designed to bootstrap projects and communities from the ground up in completely open and decentralised manner, whilst preserving security for investors through a single financial instrument which guarantees liquidity to investors at all times.

Additionally we believe that the investment landscape is changing and Influencers will become the market makers and VC’s of the new age. This is because Influencers CAPTURE VALUE to the projects they support through their community which carries over into the project. Trad VC’s DO NOT CAPTURE VALUE as they do not bring communities/early adopters to projects whilst at the same time getting a better deal than all retail investors by investing in pre-seed.

Using Theia Influencers will not only be able to monetise their following but also “Expertise”. Influencers can build markets and approve which projects/artists/inventors are allowed on. Their “community” can crowdfund “approved” investment opportunities.

What we are building is an organic process for both creating and nurturing communities by an optimal alignment of the right incentives between Influencers, Investors and the Project/Creators.

We’l be releasing our marketing website and campaign within a few weeks to build our community of early adopters. Additionally our Prototype will be released in Mid-Late February.

We believe we could strongly benefit by partnering which such a diverse and open community like Wonderland.


Sounds like an interesting project, but what are you proposing ?

I’m sure you would. How would we ? What would a partnership require ?

What does that mean ? Makes it sound centralized, but you claim decentralization not long before ?


What partnership are you proposing?

We are currently raising our Pre-Seed. We would like Wonderland DAO to participate to provide the level of support we need to succeed, both community and capital.

How would Wonderland DAO benefit?

Investment DAO’s are cool. But they are akin to placing a bandaid on a broken system. Fundraising is a naturally closed and exclusive process. Although Investment DAO do enable investors of any kind to participate they are still not the best solution to bootstrapping projects through a customer led process. ICOs were a true innovation of crowdfunding, but they are innately biased towards founders. We offer the next true innovation in this endeavour for a better way of fundraising.

P.S. Wonderland DAO would financially benefit as our native token → TEA is designed to accrue value as more customers and projects use our platform

Single Financial Instrument A:

To clarify, this single financial instrument is indeed completely decentralised; It is neither controlled by THEIA, Investors or Projects.

To use an anology imagine the stock market:
Each Company has a single financial asset it trades → Shares
Shares entitle owners to rights to Revenue, Governance etc…
This is enforced via regulation. This creates trust for investors that investing in Company X will entitle me to the same rights as Company Y

In crypto anyone can issue any sort of asset and change the underlying rules at anytime. This is why you have a-lot of rug pools and overall lack of trust for newbies.

What if you could invest inside a project through a single instrument like on the stock market which is the same across all project which they could make an exit at all times?

Note: this does not mean that projects can’t issue native tokens with their own tokenomics. You could think of it like a decentralised tradable SAFT agreement which is self executing and has its own AMM built in.

Are these people doxxed?

Once I hear shit like “Inclusion, Equality of Opportunities” you’re better off taking your proposal to a socialist paradise like Cuba and Portland Oregon. We’re not interested in giving money away to woke causes. Good day!

Also, we typically find investments and deals. Deals don’t come to us unless you’re prepared to show us a rock-solid proven track along with a record of returns and be prepared to get doxxed. We would be insane to entertain vague nonsense like this.

Raise money on your own merit first. Build your idea, let’s see your idea grow, and show us you’re making money. And if you can do that, write and explain in a great deal the value proposition. I have a feeling we’re going to get a lot of this bullshit.

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Says who? Your talking like Wonderland is years old. We legit voting on a deal right now. One of the big complain was that the team wasnt doxxed.

You want to lose money? Cause this is how you lose money.

Yes our team is doxxed.

Equality of Opportunities does not mean socialism.

Equality of Opportunities implies that people born in rich or poor conditions both have an opportunity to get a high education no matter where they were brought up.

In our case, it means that you don’t have to be an accredited investor/LP of a VC firm to get the best deal flow and invest from the ground level

What is woke about this? Wokeism is stuff like Quotas and ESG.
All we’re saying is that everyone should have a shot to play at the big boys table

Forgot this was Money Nation and not Frog Nation, my bad.

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The DAO has already accomplished this. It democratizes participation through equal access to investment opportunities. You’re suggesting a fund of fund. A vague proposal that has nothing substantive. You and or your organization we know nothing about it, your experience, and whatnot. As I said, you’re better off just raising the money on your own and starting your own DAO. Prove us wrong. Best of luck.


From what I read you give a short introduction about the protocol without any clear proposal.

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it sounds like you guys want to do what wonderland is already doing. it also sounds like you want wonderland to bank roll your entire operation. not to come off as rude but coming to a DAO, and saying "DAOs are a bandaid while asking for all our .85billion dollars/a partnership is kind of offensive. like yes there have been other DAOs in the past that suck, but the communities Dani has built are fairly strong and work well. dani has a very open “round table” type of approach when it come to DAO governance and although its not perfect, its the best way to let everyone’s voice be heard. posting ideas, conversing about them and voting if it comes to a decision with snapshot votes. in this structure even dani or sifu can be ousted if they fuck up. I truely wish you’re project well, but im firmly against giving you guys control of our treasury or investments or changing us into an ICO. i believe in Dani and Sifu’s vision of a full stack crypto ecosystem that includes all networks to be able to connect with easily and with minimum fees. We’ve got very solid investments already going such as and avax liquid staking (5 months into creation) along with NFT wallets and a video game on the horizon. I really don’t want to change our platforms focus to message boards, and influencers. Theres a reason dani aimed for Avax: it has the best potential, in dani’s opinion, for game design which is the Biggest leading market. much more so that video entertainment, or news or music. truely best of luck to you guys, but im not down at all.

From what I just read… ITS A NO!

Just to clarify we are not looking to take control of your treasury, we are separate protocol startup like betswapp with a similar investment range.

In depth details regarding the Protocol are outlined on our gitbook which is on the current website:

The purpose of this proposal was not to get a direct answer on a partnership but more serve as a feeler to gauge this community’s general interest in our solution and if this sort of relationship was even possible/feasible with Wonderland DAO. This is why the proposal itself is not highly detailed.

i would look at the avax liquid staking proposal for an example. of how much detail people on the wonderland governance want to see in the proposals.

I’ve read this in full and went to your Gitbook. I’m still not clear as to what it is you’re actually building with Theia. It looks like you’ve reworked the AMM model (as described in your documentation) to be more “fair”, but I don’t understand what the exact problem is that you’re trying to solve.

I agree with you that Fundraising is a closed process. Even here, it’s a closed process where unknown products like get funding. The critical thing about fundraising is that you often will need to knock on many doors until you find someone who believes in your idea. Whether this process is good or bad is irrelevant; it’s just what the process is today.

The number of products seeking investment is usually higher than the available capital. This means that good products will slip through the cracks or get denied by various teams.

If I could offer one piece of advice to you it would be: Work on your value proposition. Explain it clearly.

1- Here’s the problem we’re trying to solve (if there isn’t a problem, state the idea in 1-2 sentences).
2- Here’s how we’re going to do it.
3- Here’s what we want from [Wonderland or any other investment firm].
4- Here’s our competition
5- Here’s the opportunity (how large is the space that you’re going after)

Please understand that asking for $18-19MM (you said that you were looking for betswap sized capital) will most likely not happen in a pre-seed round. Capital of that size in a pre-seed is usually about who you know rather than the value of your product. If you do indeed need $18M for a virtual product, you’ll need to explain the opportunity and the need very clearly. Figure that expert US Engineers are $300k/year, Biz Dev $150k+/year/per person, Marketing can be $500k+, but even with a team of 10 experts spread across different disciplines (which would be large for a crypto team, unless if you’re building a game), you’re probably still going to come in under $3M/year.

The only thing that I disagree with here is the idea that we should not tolerate investments who come to us. Investments absolutely should come to us to tell us about their product and we should listen. Even if we do not invest as a DAO, it gives them additional exposure and we should encourage them to do so. Some people may look at the proposal and then make investments on their own. An answer of “no” from our DAO is not a “no, your product sucks and you’re doomed”, but rather it’s simply that we’re not interested (at the moment), so you should try a different vertical.

Wishing you a prosperous 2022.

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