Pay out the whales who tried to rug us and the rest who voted yes

Obviously we have a serious issue with the whales in this DAO who if it hadn’t been for the strength of this community would have walked off with their bags full of treasury funds. Also, we have weaker hands who just wanted to take what they could get and leave. Fine.

I say, for the sake of our DAO going forward, we remove those whales from the DAO by paying them out to the value of TIME as it stood at the time the voting closed.

As for the rest who want to leave, pay them out at backing price.

Only then can we move forward united and without being exposed to corruption and manipulation.

why would we do that? What is to stop them repeating the same thing and getting paid out. Totally against this

They would have to pay to get back in. During that time, measures will be put in place to prevent the same kind of power accumulating, such as the quadratic time proposals being discussed.

Or fine, just remove them.

What do you suggest?

First of all…do not pay out these whales they tried to rob the treasury of millions of dollars and we know exactly what they were trying to do.

Secondly the backing price should be absolutely removed unless there is a sell tax. This would prevent the whales from being able to further exploit the system.

Ok but the DAO can’t continue to function if those members remain so how do you suggest getting rid of them, or at least diluting their power and influence?

Burn their wallets?

I suggest to let them sell like everyone else. But not at the backing price. Unless there’s a serious sell tax.


What if they don’t sell? We’ll have whales in our midst who’s intentions to bring down the DAO are known.

My suggestion was to buy them out at the market price, not backing (which is what they were manipulating for).

That’s the same as what they’d get if they sold, except we’re forcing it.

It’s not a DAO and it’s not ours.

Buying them out at the market price is the same thing and them just selling right now xD

yes exactly we’re saying the same thing except they’re not getting the backing price they were after, and it’s not optional for them to remain in the DAO.

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