Paying FROGs?

  • We should benefit from the selling transactions!
  • Don’t think it would work, I’ll let you know why in the discussion.

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I have a suggestion that could be beneficial for the treasury and for the holders.

Daniele and Sifu are working hard and they have a great vision about how to grow this project.
Therefore I hesitated for a long time to write this proposal.

The strength of our community is clearly known.
It was also clear to me before I had invested in the project that Wonderland is a long-term project.

Can we say that the majority has joined this project because of:

  • WAGMI possibility / HIGH APY etc.
  • Defi 2.0 / Passive income while compounding.
  • Daniele and Sifu / FROG NATION.

But is this the same for the ‘‘big fish’’?
What about those jumping in and out around every rebases? 3x per day!
Let me be clear, I am not saying that they caused the current prices by going in and out. I want to make another statement.
Why are there other people able to profit the project 3 times a day? While frogs encourage each other to HODL in the discord chats!
While some are increasing their capital in very short timeframes, maybe a few days… The frogs try to calculate their breakeven point (IF price go sideways).
it may be true that rebasetrading is not profitable for everyone, but does this mean that we/ the project should not be profiting of this event that happens 3x per day.
I think we should not be missing out on this.

I suggest that we will start contributing FROGs.

We ALL should make it… WAGMI right?

FROGs are Fractional Rewards Of Gains/ gainings.
The FROGs consists of an X % of the selling transaction that’s been made. (for this example lets say its 1%, it could be lower or higher.)

When are FROGs getting paid?
Everytime when someone leaves the wonderland project (when selling Time/ wMemo) you will be paying FROGs.
And the FROG NATION will be very grateful.

Where does the FROGs go? (the 1%)
You’re paying FROGs right… so its contributed to the frogs.
0.5% treasury (indirect to the holders trough APY)
0.5% to all wMemo holders. (directly to the holders)

Or it could also be that the complete 1% goes to the treasury. Whats good for the project.
It is just an example.

This ensures that the project and treasury also benefit from its own economy/ market. This also ensures that holders will profit of those who are only profiting in very short tiemframes and from the rebasetraders.

If WE’RE ALL GONNA MAKE IT, then we need to make it together. It must be granted on both sides.
I know that BIG money is important for any project.
But could we realy scare of the big money when we implement something like this? that little percentage of the profits that are been made?

Lets take a average trading volume of 50 million USD per 24H (for wonderland).

lets say 50% of this volume counts as selling transactions.

If we take 1% of this 25M, the treasury/ holders will be benefiting of 250.000 USD per 24H.
This could be giving to the holders directly, or indirectly through the APY.

And I think the majority agrees on that Wonderland is a project that needs more stability than traders.
I think it is reasonable to have a small threshold when trading a coin which is the fundamental of a ‘‘long term project’’.

(LEFT )Selling USD : (RIGHT)FROGs you pay in USD:
1000000 -----------------10000
100000 -------------------1000
10000 ---------------------100
5000 ------------------------50
1000 ------------------------10
500 --------------------------5
250 --------------------------2,5
100 --------------------------1

At the end is not a dealbreaking amount that you are distrubiting.


IF one bought 1M worth of TIME for a price of 2300 USD per Time.
That person owns 434,78 TIME token.
With an average APY of 69000% / 0.6% per rebase, this person owns now 492,87 TIME after 1 week.
Lets say this person wants to sell it already after 1 week… (nothing long term about this but okay)
And in the meanwhile the price has dropped to 2200 USD per time.

The total value would be 1084314 USD. (total profit of 84314 USD).
1% of 1084314 would be 10843.14 that would go to the treasury.
Net profits after 1 week = 73470,86 USD.

Im holding now for almost 2 months and could not even take some little profits around the holidays because I was not at that point where I was breakeven. but Im okay with that.

Lets go back to the 73470,86 USD net profits after 1 week. That amount of profits should not scare off any frog, especially knowing if I’m distrubiting to the FROG NATION. Or am I that poor that Im not able to understand it?

The thing is…
As long as you HOLD you will receive FROGs, when you made profits and that time will come that its your turn to take profits, you will be the one who pay the FROGs. Why bother with a contribution you pay from your profits that been made thanks to this project?
The treasury/ holders should benefit from this.

There could be things I may not see or understand about what Dani and Sifu are building, that my proposal wouldn’t actually make little or no difference. Therefore I would greatly appreciate substantive reactions as to why this proposal will not do the project any good.

Thank you for reading.

And I really wish the best for this project.

A whale is not a frog. A frog is a frog.


So you want TIME to become a reflection token ?

PS: Disagree.


Yes you could call it like that.
The reason why I dont call it directly as a reflection token is because the reflections do not have to go directly to the holders. Grewing the treasury is an outcome too. but it is right, that are reflections too…

I don’t see anything wrong with figuring out a sales penalty that reflects to the frogs & treasury, unless someone has evidence showing it would hurt the protocol.

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@BullishBear anti whale sentiments will kill this project. you dont want big money in Wonderland? We’ll be like a ton of other low market rebasing DAOs that are doomed to fail and stick around the 3 digit range. why start adding fees. Ill refer you to my comments about buy and selling taxes. taxing the whales isnt going to change the fact that the market is down, or that theyll jump out of any project thats tanking their money, it will just make whales avoid Wonderland like the plague. also dont hate on people who are sidestepping with the small amount they have. what if they cant wait a year? what if they needed some returns 6 months into their investment, and its tanked the last 3? maybe they are in a situation where they cant take a 80% dump in 3 months because they have a significant other thats like “crypto? if it loses 50% we are OUT because its my money too!” these “speed bump” taxes arent gonna really do anything but scare frogs and whales off alike.

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@BullishBear i myself have maybe a fewgrand in wmemo that i bought in November right at about 7000-8000 and i havent touched it. but ive got a couple in a separate account that i side step with because i made promises to my girlfriend we wouldnt lose everything in this crash. the freedom to do things like that has allowed me to stay in Wonderland with my oldest wmemo, but also to keep myself from getting burned super hard when i realized the market was crashing long term. I personally feel way more secure about being able to have Wonderland be both my best long term and short term investment option, and i think being both really helps grow the market cap. you dont scare away any investors: short term, long term, whale, frog, 3,3ers, 6,6,ers and 9,9ers all creating the biggest project with the largest market cap and community involvement. lets not cut any people out. i think things like Sifu announcing random airdrops from snap shots that already happened is the best way to reward loyal frog holders while also not hurting the project by scaring anyone away.

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thank you for your reply. I mentioned in my proposal that this rebase trading did not cause the fallingmarket, I am aware of this. I dont think that this X % fee/ or distribution to the project will kill this project. In stead, it will make the treasury grow. You’re basicaly asuming that this project strongly depends on a couple whales. Wonderland is stronger, ask Sifu. I dont know man… I dont think this sentiment is something that will scare of the big whales. It is just a treshold for investors to hold for longer trimeframes and when one sells, the treasury will benefit from it. And holding for longer timeframes will bring stability to this project.

I am one of the investors with the small amount. And I am also the one who still could not take any profits. If i were to believe the calculator on wonderland’s website I could have thrown an elaborate new year’s party. Which not happened and I’m okay with that so why would I hate on small investor?

You saw the calculation where I use 1% fee as an example. If you sell 100 USD you’ll be paying 1USD. You will only lose money if you try to trade every hour and have bad trading strike. Wonderland and the holders (small or big) should not be disadvantaged if people wants to trade with a coin that is intended for the long term.

I have my doubts about whether you have understood what I’m mentioning.
It is still your money, It is NOT locked, you can take it out whenever you want. From my perspective and from my own financial frame of reference I dont know anybody who can take a 80% dump. As you are mentioning it, If it dumps 80% in 3 months, the 80% is the major culprit and not that 1% fee that you contribute to the treasury.

I do agree with you where we should not cut people out. I guess my last sentence about the ‘‘whale is not a frog’’ didn’t quite come across as intended.

I think your strategy with 2 accounts could realy work. Im not an expert on this, I do have basic knowledge about tradig, you will not have a bad trade because of the 1% that will be distributed to the treasury.

I think its okay if you want to do sidestepping… but sidestepping is what you do when a trend has been broken down- or upward. That happens on bigger timeframes. If you want to trade within a range, (where you could trade on lower timeframes) it still needs to go sideways and not down- or upwards.

Please look at the chart. You need to be very skillful and have a lot of knowledge and experience to trade this chart. And when you are sidestepping, you are not stepping in and out every hour or even per day! its too risky.

You could have step out where the red arrow points… and your entry could be somewhere where the green circle is, if it breaks yadiyadiyada. And if you know what you are doing, you’'ll get out when its get back to give it goodbye kiss and IF it go upwards from the green circle and you timed exit and entry very on point. then you have prevented roughly 26,30% loss. So please tell me, at what point is your trade restricted because of the 1% distribution?

its just the extra fees to move your move out of time/ wmemo i mean sure it may give from frogs a small amount but like why? i guess im just not down to pay extra fees to move my money around. Will it stop whales from jumping around, no. but idk i just dont see why we would increase trading fees thats the whole point of going on the avax network rather than eth right? less transaction fees? sure you’re just taking 1% but idk i just see it as an investor deterrent. I get that you’re not saying we should lock the time or wmemo, i just don’t like adding fees. it would literally make it so sidestepping really costly. 1% on the in and out plus the .5 i mean shit that 1.5% everytime you pull out and put back in…effectively killing any daytrading gains. yes i now the goal is to hold on to your tokens as long as possible but thats not the goal of everyone. i know it wonderland doesn’t rely on one or 2 whales it depends on a ton of them. I don’t think it’ll do anything but take out all the day traders from the market and maybe make some whales avoid the project completely. yes the drop would be the culprit but the 1% fees, just add up. like in and out 3 or 4 times and you’ve lost 5% of your investment.

day trading you only really get 5-10% at max every other day. 1.5% for every in and out literally kills that. i guess it would just make the side steppers like me just stay out of the project until the upward trend started. but wouldn’t that lack of money make the price shoot down a ton? if you take all the day traders for months, wouldn’t that be like 10-25% of the market cap for like months? sorry maybe i’m just traumatized from uber eats adding like 10 $1 fees for like a 10$ burger but anytime i see extra fees i’m like “NOOOOOOO”

also i feel like adding fees is like fundamentaly against what danis is building. thats why we dont fuck with uniswap: VC fees at 100 min. i feel like thats also why were doing a full stack crypto ecosystem: so we can get rid of as many fees as possible. Fees are what made me not really want to fuck with DeFI kingdoms initially because simplex charged 10% to turn cash into harmoney one. Yes. figured out weeks later i could go through anyswap but by then i was like " how do i know there wont be more stupid bullshit fees to get my money out or in or moved?" i’m not saying a 1% tax will kill everything, im saying it sounds like the end to the gravy train of avoiding by being a fullstack ecosystem. if this gets approved, how do we know it wont increase to 5% or 10%? whats there to stop it? once you add fees, the only thing i can see in the future is: more fees. suddenly we’ll magically need another 1-2% tax on something else to stabilize the market and then another, then another. also added fees just make it harder to calculate DCA if you need to pull out and in. It honestly might be the difference between “ya i dont see a problem throw 1 mill in fuck it ape that stonk” to "hmm…ya i dont know…10 grand to sell every time? plus like probly some other fees i dontknow about…and theres this rebase? like 9% every 5 days but minuse 1% overall plus tading fees plus …hmm this is too much math. lets hit that OTHER project with 1 mill because its simpler and no hidden internal fees

I see your point (I’m a poor guy too and I can feel your pain), BUT I rather have an ecosystem “without fees”.

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