PEG the price of wmemo with flash loans to the assets they represent (like a real ETF)

ok if you use the treasury to buy below backing price you’ll deplete the treasury real fast

also the backing price will keep lowering

also the revenue will diminish as the assets you used were supposed to generate revenue

the revshare model is essentially an ETF which earns yield too, which is cool

BUT you cant use the treasury assets to keep the price up

whales will just coordinate assaults and buy it all (like they have been doing for several weeks with tremendous success)

if you are hoping that the ‘market’ will value wmemo above what it represents maybe it could work but this is not working obviously as it is much better for giant players to just attack the treasury and take it all instead of trusting the devs (i dont blame them)

so my suggestion is to just code a smart contract to take a flash loan to buy wmemo if the price goes lower than backing,

then sell it back to the treasury, which will buy at backing price

the smart contract, owned by the protocol, not the whales, will be at a profit with this. This profit will be used to keep doing arbitrage trades with the price of wmemo/treasury assets (not relying only on flash loans everytime)

similarly, if the price goes above backing price, the smart contract will buy wmemo and sell it all instantly at the market, shorting it to lower the price and also making some more profit with this (just like the whales do!).

this way no more speculation and the treasury is intact to generate revenue.

or we can just hope elon musk and jeff bezos come buy some wmemo, that could work too.

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