Petition Abracadabra to open another Wmemo cauldron for 2.0 MULTICHAIN with safety features

I feel like we should petition sifu and abracadabra to make another 100mill Wmemo cauldron but like with a max liquidation price of 75% the backed price for January’s Wonderland 2.0 Multi-chain release. I’m fairly sure Sifu at least still advises Dani on Abracadabra and with a few safety features, I’m sure we could help boost the cross-chain upgrade wonderland is going to have. The number of stable coins that Time is going to trade with is going to increase with the number of networks we connect to (i believe). I feel like this is warranted and will help us to match the explosive growth of phase 1 (Sept -Dec) into these new (to wonderland) networks.

Please let me know what you think. I love hearing peoples ideas even if they conflict because they showcase the different point of views in the DAO.



Wonderland DAO has no power over Abra. This should be posted on the Abra forum so the Abra people can vote with their magic if they think it’s a good idea.

@NalX Ya, but Sifu has said a few times he still advises Dani on Abracadabra. I feel like it wouldn’t hurt to push for it on our end. Abracadabra might not be aware (100%) of our growth needs, and it’d be kind of weird to just wait for them to read our minds. I know there is some people on both teams but I’m a proactive kinda guy. i’ll be like “yo i gotta piss in the next hour” on road trips so the driver knows to look for a spot.

@NalX I feel you that we have no power. this is the wonderland governance. Abracadabra would definitely like vote on it in their DAO but this would be kind of like a “hey, heads up we’re launching on a few more networks like wee did in September if you wanna do what we did last launch but like …better.” you know?