PIPE Dream - (TimeTube) Video Platform Allowing People To Make Time

That would be awesome to have a YouTube alternative where people could earn time. I know, that’s a lot to ask for but since gaming is mentioned, I figured a video platform could be considered.

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This I like. I’ve been a huge fan of projects like LBRY and THETA on other blockchains. I think having a video hosting service that runs on the AVAX network would be a no-brainer. Having it pay out in TIME would just be gravy.


timetube.io. available



I love this idea. As a matter of fact I was recently wondering if we could do some sort of merger/takeover/purchase of the group that runs Odysee and implement $Time there. It’s the fastest growing YT alternative by far.


actually for the name i think we should pick another thing, not so much about wonderland and time, but the whole ecosystem, we have abracadabra, magic internet money (MIM) wonderland (and popsicle which doesnt have the magic theme i believe but well, whatever) we could call it someother thing like Dimensions or Parallel, i believe im really bad at naming things but the idea is like, since it would be a video platform it would be like a looking through a mirror into another place, i think my idea is fine my names are horrible xDDD obv if all this where to happen.

Frog TV, Frog Network, Channel Frog ? lol

I think taking on YouTube is a Waste of funds that can be better used in other areas


Offering an alternative isn’t necessarily competing against. People could post on both, but they could earn money directly by posting on TIME (or whatever branch it fell under).