Plan to restore intrinsic value to Wmemo token - no merge focus counter plan

I believe it is time for wonderland to take ownership of its greatest asset which is the treasury. Farming as a service works especially in the present market condition. There is zero reason for a treasury of this size to lose money on buybacks - nor is a merger to the benefit of wonderland. Usually the larger bank acquires the smaller bank.

We need to fully implement shared revenue.

Farm as a service which wonderland and Dani and team know well

Focus on restoring the intrinsic value of the token by offering this shared revenue model. Fewer people will see benefit to shorting an asset that yields them a passive growth of value.

Stop additional treasury depleting activity (to include investing) until we have restored the value of the token Wmemo to at least pre 68k wmemo level

Focus 100% on a clear restoration of value strategy

Full transparency of funds (good start with FUNDS tab on the wonderland app)

Appoint team from overlapping timezones so that someone is always at the helm

Appoint marketibg and communications to counter-FUD strategies

Once we have stabilized above 68k Wmemo levels start the process of burning all liquidated supply. Burning supply after stabilizing the price range will help prop up price in the next range - while the revenue share model will keep holders firmly entrenched.

Next focus on a goal based APY reduction (not the punative model some daos use) Utilize price to phase out rebasing - example

At 50k wmemo apy = x example 60,000%
At 60k wmemo apy = x example 45,000%
At 70k wmemo apy = x example 30,000%
At 80k Wmemo apy = x example 25,000%
At 90k Wmemo apy = x example 15,000%
At 100k wmemo apy = x example 10,000%
At 110k wmemo apy = x example 7500%

Use this model until apy = 50%

Once price of Wmemo is at a sufficient level Apy will be zero. However once Wmemo was to enter specific ranges earlier holders are made whole and will likely stay due to revenue share vs taking an opportune exit.

Let Dao vote determine all levels of apy. This will assure those who hold on the riskier end of the curve are always rewarded because right now people are only holding because they are down - that should never be the reason to hold a blue chip asset

Finally, stick to ONE clear and concise direction. Execute that plan and after that plan has been executed move to the next stage of the plan. No more zig zagging. Zig zagging doesnt create momentum it creates head winds. All of this communication of plans that go unexecuted become opportunistic fud.

It was great PR to execute buybacks, but not good PR when we still havent received air drops of assets the community was promised. Also not good PR to discuss a revenue share plan one day, then the next drop a merger plan on the community. Obviously bad communication strategy.

Top priority for this Dao and for Wonderland should be to restore the intrinsic value to the token asset.


Agree. Also buybacks are only useful for overcollateralized frogs and whales, it is burning money to save people that take a lot of risks or just are in it for a quick buck.
A transparent treasury allocation dashboard would do wonders to improve morale and also, improve wMEMO price since the benefits of holding would be obvious.

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I’d totally be down with that. Anything that generates revenue and they stick to what they know, not some unknown investing in NFT and card games.

Why not both? they can do all the “safe” strategies they know, and can also invest in new, possibly blue chip projects, treasury is big enough to be a little risky.

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I am for investing, once we reach targeted goals. Our number one priority should be “what brings value to Wmemo now”. That being said what will bring value is activities that benefit upward price action while mitigating the desire to sell. People dont hold google stock because of price, they hold because its typically stable and they can use it to borrow against. If not for that usual stability it would be a worthless speculative asset with upside only occuring when their is euphoria and nothing protecting it from downside.

What creates that stability? Name recognition, market cap, dominance. Wonderland can dominate the farming space, providing intrinsic value to the token with revenue share while providing stable floors of price.

We need to first stabilize the price, increase price to goal levels of Wmemo while reducing apy upon reaching those levels which will cut rebasing rewards but you will make it up in value an in revenue share.

Once price is stabilized at a specific target zone we implement investing as a dao again. Once we reach another level we reimplement borrowing so that fees are attained.

We take our greatest asset “the treasury” and use it to its maximum capability, let it produce for us - its ours we bought it for the purpose of expecting a greater utility, not to sell it on the cheap for Spell.

We dont merge when price is down and your a bluechip you reaffirm your dominance.


I should have said “reduce apy rewards” not cut. Fact is apy provides downside guarantees as long as its responsible. Apy is reduced based on community voted levels based upon price of Wmemo as a baseline. Also the APY should be fixed at a specific value and not float based on minite by minute changes so that its more predictable. So for example from 60k - 69k apy should be firm, one value.

I like this idea. Accepting SPELL for wMEMO feels like locking in 80% loss. Would like to see the devs proposal for revenue share.


This is the merger proposal

Yes i read the proposal as well as a few personalitiies opinions on matters. The proposal falls short of showing me how the community wins being merged with Spell. Right now Wmemo problem isnt anything other then a PR problem that can quickly be reversed by sticking with plans. Further, we can reduce rebases while benefiting ealry buyers by reducing apy based on price range.

The merger doesnt give me faith it can be executed properly long as we have outstanding to-dos already in Wonderland. Where is the confidence this merger can be pulled off without killing the value of both spell and/or the wmemo swap ratio?

This is why we must focus purely on restoring the value of Wmemo. Wmemo is the treasury, no one should be allowed to acquire our treasury at 40k Wmemo when its real intrinsic value should be 80k - 100k Wmemo. I say this is the rightful range because this was the range before the FUD war.

A project with an over 800 million dollar treasury is not a failure. We are hurting because lack of focus pure and simple. Restore that focus and execute plans as promised and it will restore value to the asset.


Great answer!!! Why dont we buy abra?..hmmmm.
We got the money!!!
Stop buy backs and maybe make wmeo a Lockup node.
rebase converts to rev sharing method.
Get this project back on the right direction.

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