Please ATLEAST give us an option to swap for Spell or exit at Treasury

I am tired of being drowned out by the majority here. Would like there to be an option to ragequit and am being bootstrapped because the people who want to stay. Early indications gave seemed like there would be this option, and I rebought back in hoping to recoup some losses and now it seems like we won’t be given this option. I feel absolutely gutted being prisoner to this.

Wait. So you got out. Heard thered be compensation of some sort AND BOUGHT BACK IN to take advantage of it? No, dude, you double-cooked ur goose.

Well when Dani indicated it was going to happen, yes I was looking to recoup my 90% loss…

Right, I also was looking at a 90% loss the other morning… I do feel you. But thats why we had to spring in to action… its really easy to get swept up in our emotions when we see this happen… I remember when this happened in '18 and my wallet went from unimpressive to straight crippled and then proceeded to lose my seed phrase. (I bought $6000 of Eth @ $208 and after suffering a hemorrhaging with BTC, moved my entire portfolio in to XRP before the lawsuit, then when it dumped i was so sad I just gave up crypto for 2 years and lost my seedphrase) now that was a 100% loss on ALOT of potential money. Wonderland STILL maintains an ability to generate money for us all, and is not at all lost, if we can work together. Wonderland is not lost, but changing

I believe you still have the option to sell or swap your wMEMO/MEMO/TIME. No one is stopping you as far as I know.

At this point, I’m willing to let Dani ejaculate on my face for an opportunity to swap for Treasury value.

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