Please confirm my understanding

Hi guys,

Please confirm my understanding:

I currently stake MEMEO and I “get” around 77000% APY.
I want to farm BSGG. In order to do this I have to:

  1. Unstake my MEMO in, which will automatically exchange MEMO to TIME.
  2. Exchange TIME to wMEMO (probably on sushiswap? or maybe is there any better way)
  3. Stake wMEMO on (“Farm” module)
  4. “Harvest” a BSGG through “farm” module at

Please confirm my assumptions above are correct.

Also, If I understand it correctly, when I Farm BSGG, I do get mentioned BSGG (around 45000% APY right now) and in the same time, I still get the value of 77000% APY in TIME?



  1. Wrap your MEMO to wMEMO in
  2. Stake wMEMO (Farm)

Yes, you get BSGG.
Yes, you get the TIME rebases (but that is basically useless…).

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What @z0li said. Wrap your MEMO, then stake it. You get rebase and the BSGG rewards (45% not 45000%).



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