Please just one good reason to stay

I have been here for a year. I have seen nothing but psychotic egos clash, features get stripped, and zero effort… for who cares what reason… from the staff or community to even make any investments… other than one in a gaming company that has no social pull or working platform. From day one, the plan was to use liquidity to invest in other projects. All you guys responsible do is argue (an obnoxious relative of nothing). Powernode has made more investments than Wonderland.

So with rebasing stopped and zero ability to retain any faith in this project, can anyone give me ONE reason to possibly stay wrapped? Other projects DO things… Zero backlash. Nothing personal. Just if you have a reason one would stay after being here a year, post a comment. if you want to argue, I’d suggest skipping rocks instead. I am only coming back for sound reason.

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If you don’t believe in the project anymore and don’t see any reason to stay, then you should not stay.

Wonderland has been through a lot. I don’t know what Powernode is, but I doubt it had all the drama Wonderland did. Getting through all that is a complicated process. The main person in charge of investing was kicked out. We found someone for a bit and the market went to shit. Now we need to find someone else.

The treasury is slowly being deployed, liquid staking’s testnet is ready, first audit round is completed. There are things coming, but we will need to rebuild the foundation before we can go full ahead.


The foundation was built by people like me that invested early. The rebase stopping is a slap in the face to the people that were early here… the people that made this site popular. Thank God this has also given me insight into how worthless of a project this actually is. There is so much money just sitting still…

The people that run this “DAO” have stripped all aspects that were attractive in the first place and pretend to be working but show zero results… Just provide stats… “stuff is moving.” Give me a ducking break. You don’t know what is and you are in this industry? … and you address it without just looking up!!! Child, it is a fork of THOR and it sucks. They also do absolutely nothing. BUT I bring them up because they are structured similarly in the sense that they 'vote on where to spend the treasury money." Without much thinking, this sounds like a good idea. After watching this FAIL over and over in too many projects, I have decided that if the treasury money has a classic “DAO- we are going to invest in “Web3” technologies based on a voting structure” … then I don’t want any moron with money weighing in on these decisions… If you do think about it? How dumb is that?!? I’d prefer a community IQ test and profile with prior investments and their results!

But since the “drama” that was SIFU erupted, it just feels like SIFU’s Shitty face is still behind the helm… sitting there passively telling me that if I am not happy with nothing, to just leave. I spent a year here. I am just making sure that there is absolutely nothing being done by anyone other than this guy that watches stuff and … that’s it… But I want to figure it out…

There is money… invest it! What the duck… Stop doing nothing! It is like the people in charge want everoyone to leave. It is soooooo shady. The only reason I stay is to make sure others understand how unusual this has been… the nothingness that somehow is accepted by the community…

Doesn’t add up…

Now that you linked it. I know what Powernode is, just forgot that’s what it was called. One of the countless nodes protocol just like Wonderland is one of the countless OHM forks.

You talk about "the people that run this ““DAO””, “the people in charge”, but you seem to be missing that those people don’t exist. The only thing that exist is a team of moderators that were hired to moderate. Not manage a 150m treasury.

Most of us have been here since the early days. Stopping rebases isn’t a slap in the face, its a wake up call from the dream you were sold at the beginning. Time for a reality check, the lambo ain’t coming anytime soon and the price doesn’t always go up.

Most votes in the last months have came from the community. Stopping rebases included. The accepted nothingness comes from blind faith in leadership. The only issue is that this leadership doesn’t exist.

You’re right. There’s money, we need to invest it, but if you want to make money, you probably want someone that knows what they are doing. This is what we need to work towards.

Honestly, we could use more people like you. whether you hold or not, we need people to ask these questions and points out the ridiculousness of everything that happened so far. Hopefully, I’ll be able to tell people what has been done instead of what is coming, but until then we’ll keep pushing forward.

nice story. I was here. Delete that @NalX and what did you say? It took an instant to determine SIFU needed to go… Please tell me how this is unlike an MTV show where a group of morons in their 20s from all facets of life are given a Hedge fund. The reality show has been going on for a year and even with money… you have all proven wildly unreliable and devious at heart. Fuck your calm “if you’re unhappy bullshit.”

I am unhappy because I paid for a service. That service was not delivered. The audacity in you just thinking people should calmly leave is so dick. Its like buying a flashlight that never worked and not being allowed to return it… just leave it at the store… with a smile on my face… fuck you. Frogs do nothing. That’s what Frogs do…

So wonderland has ZERO reason to stay. Its just a pool of money. Everyone is better off putting their money in a pool that at least tries to work… something is so off here. I can still smell SIFU’s fake chin. I swear.

work??? You can find someon qualified in an hour that would gladly get things rolling

They must have missed the call for a treasury manager :man_shrugging:

If you know someone, feel free to tell them to make a proposal on how they can be of service.

I have had money in the project for a year. I am leaving. I highly suggest everyone else do the same… You have X Dollars in Wonderland??? Why? No one can answer. No one is charge. Take it out. If there are no perks for leaving your money here, take it out. This is my last message. Given the intel I have just gained, You’re all suckers… but the price is up today? why? Who knows. Go with an honest project. SIFU and the scum that exploited web3 as it came into fruition are long gone during this next wave. Marketing and onboarding will play a HUGE role to get all those that were duped by the last market crash to get back in with confidence. Think Wonderland is going to do anything or look any different? It’s not.

LEAVE this rabbit hole from hell if you want my advice (I didn’t lose any money during the crash, I am a blockchain developer. If I had any faith that there were legitimate operators behind this site, I would offer a hand. I have only stayed due to the mystique of this DRAWN out con. But I am over it now. Smell you never. THIS PLACE IS EVIL FOLKS. Anyone here for any amount of time is a muppet… eh. I am going to stay. But I didn’t put money here to do any work. So fuck off before suggesting I do anything. I can’t.

Why doesn’t somone that can make the treasury money move talk?

Can it move?

How many people are required to move it?

FOR THE SAKE OF THOSE THAT HAVE DONE ALL THE WORK… THOSE THAT HAVE INVESTED… Let’s show everyone it can move. Lets invest in a no brainer.

Why is it all newcomers wanted doing away with the rebase. I went from 1 TIME 's worth of wMEMO to 10.64. Each increment to a new number was faster than the next. This was due to how long I have been here. Are you all saying that the price of TIME was going to scale down as fast as my wMEMO was going to rocket up? Becasuse I had friends invest more than me and after me… their ramp happens after mine. That’s how I was able to close the gap between how much we had…

FACT IS there are people strictly controlling this site. No one claims responsibility and that’s the rhetoric. But why would the price of TIME follow my ramp? It wouldn’t have… It was a calculated halt because a ton of us would have made a little money back and gotten the fuck out of here. The timing of this was so fucked up.

While I do not believe in many things you stated, I do agree it is time t pack it in. I am not a large holder but for what it is worth I shall put my wMEMO where my mouth is. I am out Wonderland is dead R.I.P.

less than an hr. and in 2 days, generating $50,000/day.

Finally. Some advice I can bank on. This is a long con, and until a bus lands on SIFU, WL is going to be his bitch.

Still waiting for your proposal ser. And please keep the fud to yourself.

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