Possible solution to incentivize holders and protect leverage

   Accepting that people will leverage why not solve the issue of liquidated wmemo by rewarding the wmemo to holders? Not only can the rewards be time based but you can get bigger rewards based on the amount of time you have been holding the asset.
  This will prevent the deluge of liquidated wmemo from hitting the market while also providing price stability for those that collaterize their  wmemo. My theory is that the buy back should be a last resort and so the rewards would be a plan A with the buy back as a plan B. Doing this will reward holders while provide a better environment for loans.

Maybe reformat your post. Not sure what this is ?

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Leveraged people have cost me a lot of money. I don’t want them rewarded or protected. If leverage stops, or if they are allowed to fail, a lot of incentives for dumping the price will go.

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