Post A [RFC] Request for Comment - Second Step Towards A Governance Proposal

The purpose of the Request for Comment post is to establish formal discussion around a potential proposal.

Create a Request for Comment: :memo:

Request for Comment (RFC) is the second step towards creating a proposal. While the RFC needs to follow a pre-defined layout, it is not necessary to be fully completed in the beginning, it can evolve into a full proposal throughout a productive discussion. Use the feedback from the previous [DAO Discussion] post and create a new topic in the [RFC] Request for Comment category titled β€œ[RFC] - Your Title Here”.
This will inform other community members that the topic has previously been discussed as a [DAO Discussion] post.

Any topics beginning with a [RFC] tag that have not yet been discussed as a [DAO Discussion] thread will be removed by moderators.

Build support for your RFC:

Make sure that the RFC thread links back to the original [DAO Discussion] thread.

Once an RFC thread has been posted, make sure to actively participate in the discussion. Reach out to your network and build support for the proposal. Discuss the topic and actively solicit community members to finalise the RFC thread.

Answer questions around your concept, be open to suggestions and use the community to improve your idea. Consider that some topics require more thought and research than others.
Give the community time to comment and grasp your idea. Keeping a discussion around an RFC up for several days before creating the WIP, assures that the community has a clear understanding of the proposal, and the sentiment can be evaluated.

That is the goal of the RFC, to gather attention to a certain subject and amend the RFC towards a full proposal.
When you feel confident that your [DAO Discussion] thread deserves an RFC, post it in the Request for Comment category with a [RFC] tag. Make sure to follow the layout.

Transition from RFC to WIP - Wonderland Improvement Proposal

An [RFC] Request for Comment thread which has been finalized, will be transferred to the Wonderland Improvement Proposal category and renamed to β€œ[WIP #X] Title of the Proposal” by one of our forum moderators.