Postpone liquidations when wMEMO/MEMO falls below the backing price!

By now we should all understand that the treasury buyback at the backing price is manual. This process is not instantaneous, but it should occur in a timely fashion in order to serve a relevant function. On Jan 17th we saw how the delayed response allowed the violent price cascade to continue. Regrettably, this has caused pain, dissent, and confusion among the Frog Nation.

The real issue is that there should have been a mechanism in place to postpone liquidations until the backing price was restored. Then business could continue as usual when it comes to risks and leverage. The “rules of the game” and all Discord communications would have been accurate and promises kept.

I propose Wonderland modifies the liquidation bot code to take into account a drop below the backing price. Liquidations would be postponed below this number until the token price recovers.

Liquidations are an Abracadabra thing. This would need to be posted on their forum. Wonderland does not have that power.

There is an ongoing discussion about repaying liquidations, please continue the discussion there:

Or introduce the topic to who are running the cauldrons to create leverage.