Potential number of lambos calculator - remove

It only creates FUD for the average Joe.

There are some people who really think that staking 1 $TIME will make them buy a lambo in 225 days.

Propose to remove that.


honestly if you think your gonna buy a lambo in a year, probably to young to be investing.

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Yeah, it had been proposed and had more votes for yes than no, but didn’t have Quorum. I think it’s only fair we revote with the new process.

Every day I get off work and I stare at charts and graphs pretend I’m not gambling, throw money at something, hate that I did it instantly, Then I come back here and think about all those sweet sweet Lambos and feel good again. You really wanna take that from me? Merry Christmas.
I’m pro Lambo.


Totally disagree its adding a cool and funny future to the dapp call it a a button of inspiration.


Give me lambo’s baby. I think lambo should be written into the code as an incentive for 3,3

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That’s childish to remove u don’t like it don’t look at it makes no difference in the protocol

While I find it funny and cool too, you cannot imagine the amount of people in the Discord saying “but you said if I put $100 I was going to buy 5 lambos in a year”

For the average IQ tiktoker it gives fake hopes.

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i don’t care if it’s called lambos or lemons, but i like the simplicity of it, provides an easy logarithmic scale to measure how the progression works! i can’t imagine that too many people would take this too literally!


leave it. us gals just wanna have fun. happy new year frogs.

Thats the funnest Metric, gotta make sure i can atleast get 20 lambos by next year!