Prevent stakers from earning first rebase

There’s an issue I come across where people buy up $Time right before the rebase then dump right after just to collect quick rewards and sell. I believe we should prevent this from happening by having new staked coins wait 2 rebases before they can start collecting rewards. So once a user stakes their coin, the next rebase will be ineligible but the one after and so forth, they will begin to collect. This should prevent excessive dumping after every rebase and incentivize users to stake for a longer period of time

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Not an actual issue. Already multiple post about this. Debunked every time. It will only punish new stakers.


Hey there, please check the existing posts before creating a new one… This has already been discussed in at least 10 threads, with great insight by lots of brilliant people explaining why this is not an issue… :slight_smile:

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Even if people do this they most likely buy TIME from the treasury generating more revenue for the project and therefore helping the system overall.
Also compounding interest is a much larger incentive if you understand this.