Price control measures

The creations of DAOs is a significant move towards decentralized regulation of the crypto currency market. Prior to the creations of these organizations it was the survival of the strongest, and those who can pump and dump and leave the retail investor holding on to tokens that are significantly worth less. Times are changing, and now we can change all that with our vote. we can keep the whales out or let them in at a price and out at a price. we can vote that those that are having token holdings that would significantly affect price upon their entry and exit of positions in time have to pay a fee to enter and a fee to exit and such fee will be used for token buybacks and burn so that such significant influence will not affect the price and potential returns of all those invested in the protocol. we could also make this a flat fee on all so that it is fair to the one bringing in a penny and the one bringing in a pound We have figured out the returns side but we need to stop the bleeding on the token value side


Yes, I agree with you. There must be some sort of regulations on whales. The last two days was bad for TIME!

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I agree, while we should be able to do what we want as we invest our money, whales should not be allowed to manipulate and crash the market and take huge profits because they have more money than the retail investor. After all, isn’t that a big part of what Frog Nation is about…giving the little guy an opportunity to make money?

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lol keep whales out.

No one complains when whales buy and the price goes up. Price goes down for two days and a proposal comes out to keep whales out.

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I personally don’t care if they are whales or frogs. I do care however if the DAO can be exploited in some way.
People keep mentioning how whales buy a minute before rebase and sell a minute after. Other people keep mentioning how this behavior is not profitable because their margin profit is actually spent on fees that go back into the treasury.
But is this behavior a zero sum game, an exploit or a win for the treasury? Which one is it? Has anyone proved that? Does anyone have the math?