Price point

So there has been a huge drop in price over the past few weeks can anyone explain what is going on

what just happened is the big accounts taking profit into the 6 an even 7 figures $ that is…

for the other weeks, i don’t really know. i believe stil price discovery and probably also dumping from big acounts but with a more steady/gentle pace. you can take a look into the holders tab of Memo contract 0x136acd46c134e8269052c62a67042d6bdedde3c9 and look how many of these accounts there actually are you can do this on or can also use to follow current in and outflows (do check this sometime around the rebase period) you’ll get an idea, same can be applied to wMEMO contract 0x0da67235dd5787d67955420c84ca1cecd4e5bb3b at current moment the first 60 adreses al hold +6,5 wMEMO this goes all way up to +40 wMEMO at the biggest accounts. so this still is very disturbing and quite scary if you ask me