Probably Stupid to Propose a Simple Fix to Sifu Fiasco

35 years ago I learned in management: You can fix a mistake, you cannot fix an attitude.
Sifu has demonstrated an attitude of fraud and misrepresentation. Daniele made a mistake in failing to provide the community with full disclosure and transparency. Sifu must go. Daniele must stay.

  • Second chances are great as long as there is full disclosure and transparency. Hiding real names and background when taking on a fiduciary position is a criminal offense in many countries.

  • What made Wonderland great was the innovative/maverick thinking and strategies of the founding team. Bringing in “VC” type suits is NOT what will turn this around. Daniele needs to put on his big boy pants and step up to the responsibility that he took on when launching this endeavor… see it through even if it is tough!

  • Every issue in Wonderland can be easily fixed. What must stop is knee jerk reactions, and constant change. For example, suggesting a merger between Wonderland and Abracadabra, without a full and detailed explanation of how it would work, why it is better, projections, risks, etc. is not prudent. The maverick thinking of Daniele is incredibly valuable, but it must also have structure, detailed explanation, and transparency. (I believe Daniele struggles, much as Einstein did, with conveying high-level thought to less advanced brains.) Rounding out the management team to include this talent could be helpful.

  • For those wanting to “dissolve” Wonderland, there is already a means to do that - it’s called selling your tokens at the current market price. Hodle, or don’t, it’s up to you, but freedom is the ability for each person to determine their own path.

  • It is NOT up to the community to be in charge of doxxing anyone. It is up to management to provide that. Daniele failed to do that with Sifu. Easy fix - don’t do this again. Full transparency and disclosure with anyone in a fiduciary role at Wonderland!

  • The only people that use leverage in trading are brokerage firms/exchanges because they trade against their customers, who are using leverage, to steal their money, or highly experienced traders that often have teams working 24/7 to manage the intense risk. NEVER should token holders be offered leverage!! Not hard to forsee what happened here. Tragic that token hodlers were subjected to loss of value because of risk taking by others. But easy fix to prevent from happening again.

  • EVERY token on the planet (just about) is down. The blockchain community has not done a good job of helping “regular people” understand how blockchain tech has evolved beyond a “store of value”. This causes Bitcoin to be the “leader” and most other tokens to follow Bitcoin up and down in value. Further, people don’t understand how Bitcoin, while having little real utility, is still far better than fiat money. So Bitcoin’s price moves up and down with the stockmarket. One day, when we finally reach a majority of people understanding the real value of crypto, there will be a “decoupling” and each token price will move based on it’s own merits. Until then, people screaming they are “down 90%” in Wonderland (before the Sifu fiasco) will have to learn that much of the dip (until recent events) had little to do with Wonderland.

  • Promising or implying that the treasury value would provide a base value for the token under any circumstance, is simply not possible. Further, it creates false expectations and further supports higher risk taking. Again, not hard to see how this would play out. Easy to fix. Every token holder must take responsibility for buying and selling as they choose. End of story.

  • NEVER tell the Wonderland community about an event or airdrop until YOU ARE READY to do it. The BSGG airdrop was promised a while ago. STOP this! Work the deal, prepare the airdrop, then when ready, announce it. This way excuses are never needed… and integrity and confidence in the community just grows.

  • The ship is already sailing. It doesn’t need to be sunk. But it must be guided through repair and put back on course. Daniele is likely the best person to do that. He can hire/contract a temporary team to help in the short term while a longer term solution is put in place.

  • As every politician will tell you, people have a short memory. The fastest way to turn this around is to do more of what made Wonderland successful. New deals can be exciting. Improvements to past strategies will be welcome. When the market dropped and rebases helped my time grow, I was glad I invested. Can it be improved? Perhaps. Inflation is not always bad. Deflation is not always good. But fix the few holes in the hull of this ship and we can all ride the wave as Bitcoin eventually rises. All is not lost unless we quit.

Most of all, this means you Daniele.


100% Agree.

Now I need to make up the extra 20 characters.


I whole heartedly agree

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Wondering why strong talented and focused people are all around the project but it’s in this position.

I think this guy has a lot of it right and that’s what got me here and now .

Instead of voting on another option or idea.
Which a lot are on point and make good sense.
Why do they just do whats right . And stay on that oath and path .

Right and wrong is not hard to see .
Get all the wrong people and ideas out of the way.

We are like photography . We are develop from the negatives in our lives . This is no different.

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Sad to say I was pretty sure that most people will sell half of their token after ~37 days when reaching 2x … for me this was an expensive experiment, but I hope that new projects will come up with mature leaders ( & community) behind it

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