problem with rebases

I wrapped 11.845014 MEMO on 4/8/22 which converted to .056188 wMEMO and then moved it to the FARM option. When that balance was unwrapped and unstaked on 6/17/22 that wMEMO was still only worth the same amount as when I had originally wrapped it on 4/8/22? What happened to the rebases during that 2+ month period of time?

Can you provide your wallet address so we can verify ?

As expected, the amount of MEMO received in June should be higher than what was wrapped in April.

This is my address


Thank you!!

So this first transaction indicates that you wrapped 11.845014082 MEMO for 0.056188968897115439 wMEMO,


However, I don’t see a transaction where you unwrapped ? Only one where you withdrawn from the farm.

According to the Wonderland website, if you were to unwrap those today you would get 44.18477412, close to your original amount.

Keep in mind that wMEMO does not increase in amount, it becomes worth more MEMO over time.

Ah ok. In all honesty, my MetaMask was hacked on 6/17 and looking at the transactions it appeared that the hacker removed only the initial wrapped amount from two months ago and I was hoping that any rebase amounts would still be staked? Wishful thinking I guess. Thank you for looking into this.

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