Progressive incremental apy for strong hands

Hi everyone,

This is my idea to incentivize the holding of TIME, i suggest this kind of solution:

Lets suppose that right now the APY is 70k% so any new entry stakers will start with this APY.

If you have strong hands each month of staking you will recive an INCREASED OFFSET % of APY that will be added to the variable standard APY.

Here some examples:

  1. ex. right now APY = 70k%

  2. 1 month staked in. TOTAL APY = 70K% APY + 10K % APY

  3. 2 month staked in. TOTAL APY = 70K% APY + 20K% APY

  4. 3 month staked in. TOTAL APY = 70K% APY + 30K% APY

  5. Increase every next months

Numbers above are only to explain the concept and may be changed.

As you all know APY fluctuate during passage of time and tends to decrease. So the strong hands staker will preserve the highest APY in comparsion to those that prefer to trade instead of staking.

As soon as you unstake even partially the staked TIME your APY will go back to the base APY, in our previous example that would mean 70K% without EXTRA ADDITIONAL APY.

This solution will solve any kind of selloff that could be caused by airdrops or locking time solutions.


I love this idea. It rewards those most committed.


Support this idea, simple and easy to understand.


I am definitely not smart enough (yet) to say if this is a good idea or not, but this proposal seems kind of nice!

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Good idea, I second it


It promotes stability and long-term staking I believe. good idea