Proposal: Amendment to Snapshot vote process

Right now you have to hold 100 TIME to create a Snapshot vote.

As we can see, whales are just going to keep making new votes until eventually one gives them the result they want.

I propose the following changes:

  1. Only verified holders can access the forum and discord, this will reduce bots and fud

  2. A majority (1 frog 1 vote) is required on a forum poll before a Snapshot can be opened

This essentially creates two governance stages, just like 2 houses of parliament:

  1. A ‘commons’ vote - 1 frog 1 vote - on forum

  2. A ‘lords’ vote - weighted by holdings - on snapshot

Both must pass before a proposal can be implemented.

This means that any decision made will be representative of both the small frogs, and the big holders, and cannot be manipulated by either individually.

For the Americans:

Commons = House
Lords = Senate


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