Proposal - An Airdrop to save ALL frogs and end this mess

I believe a way to save Wonderland and help all the real frogs including those liquidated is a simple airdrop. And what i mean by this is that we take a snapshot of all the holders before Daniel and Sifu were liquidated and then airdrop them (including wMemo holders in Abra) a new Token that represents a fresh rebrand of Wonderland. Treasury will shift to this new token and those that were liquidated or that sold at a loss can AFTER the snapchat will have an equivalent amount of memo/time/wmemo as they had before the cascade. It is like turning the clock back before all this chaos. It is like the liquidations never happened.

Also something i like to add on top of this is that we can PUNISH all the whale wallets that had part of the cascade by not rewarding them the new token, hence less supply in circulation and more backing per token.


Airdropping would have solved everything. When people saw revenue sharing coming in, price would have held so well. Sifu was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but people waiting for BSGG for so long really wore people’s patience thin first IMHO

Maybe but in this proposal, im talking about an airdrop of a new token that represents Wonderland, not something we gain from revenue.

Yeah I actually juat read your proposal properly. But yeah a third token is just a joke at this point lol


Firstly, this is bullshit (or whaleshit).

I’m here since the beginning and I didn’t sell any token after news which pointed on post. Also, I bought New $wMEMO s after dump. Why we give money to somebody who don’t believe @danielesesta and multi-sig team? BTW, that sellers took money when they sold their tokens

Edit: They can buy a lot of $wMEMO with their money, bcs they sold at price above than today

Whales that bought late to try and make an easy profit should be made to suffer and get nothing.

You better think about the project recovery, airdrops could replace the rebasing system to avoid money printing problem that brought this awesome prject to its knees. Dani already has the plans for all this mess and see how the community gather up to save the project and not to disolve all the funds. Projects that had way less funds has survived and now are better than ever was so wonderland also can show everyone that everything is possible and even the trust can be restored with right decisions and community hard work. There is many users in this boat that have skills needed to help it out so i rather do research and look for members that have skills and make a team that will decide what is better and how to make everyone happy with there investment. Giving up, wiping out everything or printing money with the airdrops is not gona help at all. You better get some wmemo while it is at its lowest while it will climb up the price and even small portion will cover all your investments.

Dani has many plans. But action? Not much. He changed his profile pic and went fishing for the day.

People come up with some crazy proposals. Imagine how this would play out if Dani did it.

Would anyone in Defi co-operate with Dani projects again, if they dishonored the wMEMO token transactions which took place after the fatal liquidations?

Law enforcement all over the globe would go after him. He would be busy with law suits for the rest of his life.

The CEXs and banks would block his transactions and freeze his funds. The new project would be worth zero.

we’re still waiting for BSGG airdrop!!!lol

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