Proposal - Bastion Trading / TheSkyhopper to manage or advise on Wonderland Treasury

Hire the first job applicant?

Marry after your first date?


Counter-proposal: elect a DAO search committe, chaired by DANI, to nominate a DREAM TEAM of candidates (2-3) for a DAO-wide election.

Appoint a temporary CFO.


I agree, to start advisory, in 48hours Done, if nothing is done in 5 days, Wonderland goes down in defi history as the biggest blunder of Defi.

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The easiest is to see we get that “NO” across on the Windup Vote.


  1. Means that a shutdown doesn’t happen in a week.
  2. A chance for the community to take over - and find a way to appoint a group of leaders in short period (though, this can get contentious with a opinions on whether to add to or replace the current leadership team, if the leadership team is walking irrespectively - then we need to ask whether there’s the value to keep going)
  3. But, doesn’t mean the same vote cant go up and be voted YES in a few days, weeks, months time to end it all.

I truly feel that we should let the dust settle from last week, and have a rational thought process in general than to have a knee jerk vote to end the whole thing.


I personally find this to be one of the most serious wonderland takeover offers. Of course we should submit a vote with all the possible candidates and their “road map” for wonderland but for now this is the most concrete I have read. Also, we are still waiting to see if Dani wants to continue supporting Wonderland or wants to get out of it.

Lets go ahead and vote for this

I wanted to do this, but with all the stuff going on it’s like what ever we do the team does what they want.

This proposal is also very promising. I am big governance nerd


I just want to know what kind of returns are we thinking?

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Don’t want to take over the project:

But we can be steady hands on the treasury and optimise the returns we expect.

Hopefully we can implement Inverse Bonding - and with that also buyback (and profit) when paper hands dump.


All these comments and proposals are meaningless (yet very positive) because no one above has any power in makin go them happen

At all

If they didn’t you wouldn’t be wasting time talking about them


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He’s screwed us and now it’s time to create a mechanism that screws him

Simple as that
It’s on his toes

You want other people to pull us out the shit, when we have just been dragged into a scam

You will become him and become a disgrace

Truth is the attempt we are fighting for is to not allow for the treasury to by merged or robbed in passive ways like recently occured. I dont have to be direct when as a whole frognation we spoke as one with votes and tweets. Its obvious how we feel so 3 things we truly need

2.Dedication and communication
3. patience with feeling the nation. Ive noticed it is very easy to pick up what the general feeling , vote, narrative and path we want. If you have the vision we will back you up 100% as long as we know the interest equates to all of us prospering.

They knew this was the way of frognation bt chose before sifu dox with liquidation and side steppers to start treating us as if we didnt matter and gave weak votes that had influence beforehand due to lack of information to allow equal footing. last vote was a great example about dissolve .Allowing whales that were 2 days old to walk in and take everything .Dani knew and ppl made it seem as if its frogs complaining and not satisfied. It simply wasnt a fair shake for the frogs and no way for safety of funds to dissolve . I would have no problems if whales were 2 or 3 week holders but most whales left the project . It was like saying you want your money back then throwing it in the air. We are not fools we took on risk and grew a billion dollar treasury not because of APY. It was the growth and evolution! That mmade us spread the news and invest more. This is a big step.


i support this proposal. remove Dani and sifu and the rest.
they cashed out millions already

I agree but why this duplicate RFC:

Hi - on that. Its easier to have a “duplicate” since this proposal - according to feedback on this thread, and understandably so, was not as detailed.

The other one I shoved in a poll as well. Apologies if this causes confusion.

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I like this proposal and want to forward to a WIP

After reading the professor’s proposal and Wonderland 2.0 I have come to the conclusion that I would not be for a bastion take over.


Prefer this option over “the professor”. Don’t wanna fall victim to a scam. Just about anyone can throw an article on medium.

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BASTION are cronies of bitfinex owners, all based in hong kong with ZERO legal recourse . u r handing out the treasury to sesta buds in crime the bitfinex/tether gang!!