Proposal - Bastion Trading / TheSkyhopper to manage or advise on Wonderland Treasury

Dear Frog Nation,

I have never written here before - as there’s never been a need or quite frankly I’d never known how we could even add value to the community. However, the recent events that I have seen at least, as motivated me to see if there is a proposal.

Let me start off to say - we knew Daniele before Popsicle (thus before Time, before MIM, before Spell) - when we started to trade with NoBTC OKEX proxy BTC tokens in the fall of 2020. I know Daniele before the late 2021 craze of all these tokens, and we have kept in touch ever since. I was and still amazed at his ability to put these projects together seemingly without effort. While I am fully aware, that the corresponding price action in all these tokens have certainly created doubt in the community, his vision and personality certainly gave many of you a glimpse from at least a hilltop. Dani is a man who believes ultimately in the good of a person and has a wide latitude to look past things in the past (and such is part of so many people in crypto).

I am a results driven person, and if I can be so arrogant to make a few assumptions here of results:

  1. 0xSifu would removed from Treasury Management (if not completely)
  2. The Wonderland (TIME) Price to recover through a change of strategy and tweaks in management
  3. A strong, rational hand (maybe moreso with no criminal record) to navigate the treasury assets through good times and bad times.

I think we are well suited to help on strategies, suggestions, or outright management of 2) and 3) above. I truly believe that on a trading and portfolio management side, me and my teammates are built for such challenges, having traded in all kinds of markets - with the last four almost exclusively in Cryptocurrencies.

At this point, I will only point to some public metrics - of our potential abilities and credibility. For example, we have had credit assessments and background checks from:

Truefi Lending:
Maple Finance: Maple Finance
(Check out Bastion Trading Borrowing)
Our volumes on Bitfinex: (@skybomber and @skyhopper volumes)

You can check out site on Linkedin (yeah so boomer I know): [(1) Bastion Trading:

Twitter: @theskyhopper

Or just see my doxxed self on: Qui sont les traders sur le leaderboard de BitFinex ? Entretien avec un expert de l'arbitrage - YouTube
(you can be the judge on this - hehe)

I think we have a great chance for my team to bring our experience (and lessons from mistakes) and some talent (hopefully) to really make the treasury management to be stronger than ever, and really create value for the Frog Nation.

I’d leave it here as I think there’s so many questions to come up - I can imagine everything from fees (no, we are not a charity to do this for free for the long run), investment strategies (I already see some inefficiencies in the portfolios mathematically), or to some limited extent vision (I am not the best at this) to be asked and explore.

To all who read this - just thanks - and really just here to see how we can use this time of weakness to really become 100x stronger.

Masa and the Bastion Trading Team.


this is EXACTLY the type of action Dani needed to do in these hard times.

that’s how a leader is supposed to react.

we will grow back MUCH stronger moving forward.



Ok so we’re breathing. Nice.


Is danny in for this?


YES! - we may be able to breathe again!


he tweeted it so probably yes


thank you for these calm and wise words. I agree


I think as part of this proposal we should really discuss how the treasury management contract would look. I.E. payment, term length, etc. Thoughts?


LFG ser for frog Nation, fresh start


He retweeted this proposal


I don’t see the commitment to governance strongly enough from Dani. A Hedgefund manger like Harry Yeh applies strict rules of governance to TombFinance. We need to see a similar level of structure and commitment. As far as I can understand, the treasury management here was manual and one person seemed to have significant control of that mechanism (this so called sifu) and that was the level of governance on a $1bn+ fund. Seriously? Its amateurish at best, totally reckless at worst.

I would support any open and fully doxxed proposal for a governance and management team. But there needs to be some degree of independence between the two.


Thanks Masa, I’ll watch the YoutTube link you posted and circle back for comment later


Thanks for the proposal.
This is a huge treasury value we’re talking about.
Will your other team mates be doxxed as well?


We either need to live stream this. or I can hire people in HK to take a visit to their office for in person verification.

Photos and websites on the internet don’t mean much nowadays.



This is solid but I’m also apprehensive to go with this team. I think we need a choice & to see what others bring to the table. We have been blindsided once it can never happen again.


That’s the way. Wonderland is not dead. We need new management and rebuilt the trust.


Why do you need it? I don’t understand your motivation. And I ask you to do without drama and pathos about frog nation. Nobody cares about frogs, tell me what YOUR interest is.


whats going to MAKE or BREAK this project is the access to the SEED investment projects that will come to Dani/New Manager that we will be able to get allocations for, because of the FROG NATION. managing the funds to generate passive income in the most efficient way is the 2nd most important thing to do.

picking the BEST investments is what will make us all multiples.

Dani is the absolute BEST when it comes to that.

Him + a steady hand managing treasury will mean we go to the moon.


dont fall for any fud we aint going no where just up from here


Well I’m gonna go out on a limb and trust the professionals here when they basically confirm what we were all thinking… This was never sustainable and can’t be unless major changes are acted on.

On the downside I’m not at all trusting of a background check from a startup that isn’t even a year old, but it’s still nice to see professionals stepping up and taking a jab.