Proposal - Bastion Trading / TheSkyhopper to manage or advise on Wonderland Treasury

Prefer this option over “the professor”. Don’t wanna fall victim to a scam. Just about anyone can throw an article on medium.

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BASTION are cronies of bitfinex owners, all based in hong kong with ZERO legal recourse . u r handing out the treasury to sesta buds in crime the bitfinex/tether gang!!


this doesn’t really seem to have any substance. Dani had a vision for Wonderland. Seems like he’s just saying he’s a good trader…so what? May would be a good hire to manage the treasury but not to manage the whole project

We only proposed to manage or advise on the treasury - and subject to mandate renewals from the DAO.

I have little interest, capability, or the right to manage the community, nation, project on the whole.

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And I want to make it 100% clear, that I believe that as of this point (and likely thereafter), that Dani is the best leader for this whole thing.

Many times, things just don’t go the way as initially envisioned. I know that many of you may not agree, but after setbacks - leadership who comes back stronger gives you a really good chance at making it in the second go.


With the “ship” sinking to the bottom, everyone wants to get their hands on the treasure, even “Jack Sparrow”.

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I like the proposal of the Professor more

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I don’t think Wonderland would benefit from management by a team that has deep ties with Bitfinex. We’ve got enough reputation risk as it stands and there are more effective crypto funds than Bastion. If we are going to work with a crypto trading firm we should work with the best in the industry.

If they can help yes but the treasury is ours period the relationship between them and us is this Employee.

I have drafted a phased APY reduction plan, please review and vote!

If you come on board, more eyes will be on you than you’ve ever had before, as a caution. The press, politicians/DC, community… this might be a project to make or break your reputation going forward. You sound very qualified and I appreciate your nuanced take on things and Dani… just wanted to remind of gravity. Wanting that responsibility while understanding this, would further impress.

Thanks for the advice here. It is true - that this is a tough spot.

Ideally, I’m really hoping that I can advise in a way that the treasury is managed in a sustainable manner and to optimize the portfolio to maximize returns/income.

  1. I like a lot of the things mentioned in Wonderland 2.0 for example for governance changes.
  2. While I don’t necessarily agree specifically with the Rage Quit option, I believe in principle there has to be a method to effect the same result. (note 4 similar including Rage Quit has passed with quorum on the snapshot ballots)

With the combination of 1 and 2 and Dani’s inputs, a DAO I think has a great chance to sustainable, the value of WMEMO (and MEMO and TIME by relation) can go at or above backing.

I think if we are all deciding on smart and rational things - and in earnest moving towards a sustainable DAO model (its never perfect in the first iterations), then what can anyone really say against it.


Under the model put forward by W2.0 and the Professor you could operate as the sole treasury manager or one of several and would be rewarded based on performance.

Please read my proposal

Don’t agree with this proposal. Sharks are swimming in the water right now to take control of Wonderland’s treasury and ultimately our community. I think we need to seriously look at and consider the Professor’s proposal. I don’t know anything about him but the proposal seems sound, logical, strategic and appears to be coming from a genuine place. I vote No for this proposal.

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Lets move this to RFC!, its time to mive on people!!

I say No TOO MANY CONFLICTS OF INTEREST. With control over so much capital you could use it improperly to grow other projects you had invested in. It may be hard to prioritize wonderland. We need a treasurer focused on growing Wonderland only


Closing this discussion to focus engagement on the RFC.