Proposal: buy wmemo to save the project

While it. Sound a little bit crazy but here is the plan to save the project.
The main issue with all this mess was the liquidation and then SiFu scandal brought to its knees.
Now if you want to save it like every other crypto is proper investments.
Meaning, gathering up and investing in it while it’s price is so low will increase the price and will stabilize the project in time. Even small portions later on will be worth all of your previuos investments.
You all know how crypto price works. If it is sold it will decrease the price and if it is bought that will increase its price while the main concern is now the price drop it is not vital and can be recovered.
Every penny that was liquidated from abracadabra was the major selling point and now when everyone has bin sold out we see the real price.
Gather up, stock up the wmemo and you will see the results;)

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