PROPOSAL: Coordinate effort with SUSHI on price monitoring

Name: - Accurate price representation on major platforms
Scope: Improve cooperation with 2 platforms: Coingecko and Coinmarketcap

Objective: CoinGecko and other major platforms should use relevant market data from the most liquid DEX on the WMEMO-MIM trading pair, which is SUSHISWAP.

Provide a High Level Overview: Currently, CoinGecko refers to the price of $TIME and $WMEMO using data from TraderJoe, Morpheus Swap and Beethoven X. Those markets are irrelevant and impact price too much.

Provide Low Level Details: The depth and the price impact on TraderJoe, Morpheus Swap and Beethoven X is extremely low and this impacts the price every time a big order being executed on those DEXes causing panic amongst retail investors that monitor price on CoinGecko. Bringing SUSHISWAP to the list will improve overall market depth, provide more awareness about FROGNATION ecosystem and its main market used to trade $TIME and $wMEMO which is SUSHISWAP

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:
I propose to make a short-term objective of SUSHISWAP and WONDERLAND to cooperate to update the markets section on CoinGecko and provide CoinGecko with an accurate data from the main DEX which is preferred by frogs.

This will require a single person to be constantly in contact with those platforms or create a specialized team to monitor the situation.

This idea was supported and highlighted by Daniel and RobertCow during the last AMA on Abracadabra+Wonderland merge.

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