Proposal: Create and maintain a Support MasterThread for People requesting not more than a mere Summary of the current state of Wonderland tokenomics

The forum is overflowing with different people opening the same generic #support thread again and again because they cannot be bothered enough to first make a quick forum search & see if their simplest questions are already answered many times before they open a new thread for the same question all by themselves, and expect to be served personally, to be treated as an exceptional snowflake frog.

In other words, people keep asking every single day what happened to their Time, what to do with their Memo, what’s going on with their Time tokens; all generic summary requests instead of doing the simplest level of research.

At the end of the day it’s a forum, and I don’t want this to get stuck between responses like “Search the forum first to see if your question is already answered in other threads” and other inefficient responses like personally explaining the current state of Wonderland tokenomics to every single person who creates a 1-2 sentence post to ask for a free summary.

It’s as if a lot of people don’t even realize that when you stake some tokens, it means the tokens go into an external contract :sweat_smile: and what even is Memo am i right :star_struck:

I’m just saying: a support master thread for people who are here, but lost in the social-structural shitstorm called Wonderland.

What I’m proposing is:

  • Organizing and maintaining a master thread in #support,

  • Specifically for those who basically “bought & forgot” any of $Time, $Memo or $wMemo,

  • And have no idea what to do & what not to do right now, or what they even can and cannot do.

  • I think that people who at least make their way into the forum deserve this + it will improve the forum by making way for other stuff by organizing all the people with the same, generic “What’s up” question into a single thread with all the answers.

  • And then if they still have specific questions, they’ll either ask in the thread or create a new thread.

edit: This could also be linked two-ways with all the Defi University kind of stuff that was created way back, if the educational material there gets updated… Wouldn’t that be a seamless integration across platforms of information to improve the ecosystem?

Proposal passed. Closing topic.

For real, we are planning to add a FAQ section for this type of stuff. I had been keeping these post around because I figured if someone would search they would see them, but like you said, it doesn’t really work.

I’ll start unlisting/archiving those to remove the spam, but once we implement the new structure, looking at topics by categories will be the way to go without being overwhelmed by all the support.


You know I love you. :heart_eyes:

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