Proposal: Crypto Anonymization Service (SPAC Investment Opportunity)


First and foremost, it is important to understand that anything proposed moving forward carry two primary objectives:

  • Redistributing wealth to the people across this planet, especially the frogs who choose to faithfully invest in this proposal.
  • Supporting and restoring human rights to everyone on this planet, regardless of which country one may reside in.

We believe privacy, security, financial freedom, and anonymity are basic human rights. With this proposal, we seek to restore access to these rights and individual finances on a scale that has never been accessible before. Together, we will pave a way to a new future where these rights are restored to everyone in a manner that cannot be infringed upon.

Potential Wonderland / Abracadabra Merger

Though we have been working on our technology and proposal for quite some time, we are aware that there is a proposal for Abracadabra to acquire Wonderland’s treasury and merge. This proposal stands independently of what occurs with the Abracadabra and Wonderland merger.

If Wonderland continues forward on its own, our proposal still stands as this was always our original plan.

If Abracadabra and Wonderland merge, we believe our proposal is still valid, as they continue to invest in startups utilizing their VC investment arm. If anything, this could only build momentum for our proposal and have an even greater benefit to users.

No matter what the future of Wonderland holds, we are happy to work with the Frog Nation to provide a service to everyone that not only changes access to privacy, anonymity, and finance around the world, but provides an incredible revenue stream to frogs everywhere. :frog:


Central Exchanges (CEX) have become the de facto gatekeepers to DeFi. While cryptocurrency was designed to be borderless and pseudo-anonymous, local regulators have seemingly regulated the unregulatable by imposing restrictions, taxes, tracking, fiat loading/unloading requirements, and much more on CEXs around the world. These CEXs effectively serve as the “checkpoints” for crypto that strip you of your privacy and allow all of your deposits, withdrawals, purchases, activities, rebases, and other potentially taxable events to be tracked and linked directly back to you. Authorities everywhere are rolling out additional manpower, resources, and artificial intelligence to monitor the blockchain and every action you take. We believe this violates the privacy, anonymity, and security of individuals as each transaction they make in the world of DeFi can effectively be traced back to them and where the funds originated. With the global authorities controlling and regulating the transfer of fiat currency in and out of crypto using Know Your Customer (KYC) verified accounts, they can impose any limitations, fees, tracking they would like upon you. Further, if a wallet can effectively be tied to your identity, you will not be able to anonymously participate in activities that are supported on the blockchain, but unsupported by your local governments. (Cough, - more on this later! :heart:)

This begs the question: How can one safely, securely, and anonymously…

  • Deposit funds into a crypto wallet?
  • Withdraw funds from a crypto wallet?
  • Anonymize existing crypto wallets already linked to an identity?
  • Conduct any and all activities on the blockchain in a way that is not traceable back to you, even with the most sophisticated artificial intelligence on the prowl and determined to unmask you?
  • Accomplish these goals in a simple, easy-to-use and understand interface, without requiring one to be a crypto gigabrain?
  • Without risking one’s financial or physical safety?

The Meat and Potatoes

As you’ll soon see, we are proposing far more than a simple crypto anonymizer service. Though, the anonymizer service executed correctly is a key component to introducing the added elements, each of which builds upon and supports the other.

Element One: The Foundation

The Crypto Anonymizer Service (CAS) serves as the foundation and backbone for our global mission to bring the power of finance, privacy, security, and anonymity back to the people. Further, this phase is crucial for the development of the rest of our robust roadmap as each and every expansion of the services we provide our users relies heavily on this fundamental aspect. Our CAS provides users around the world, regardless of the country in which they reside, to anonymize their existing crypto assets. Most crypto assets held by users have originated from verified wallet addresses through highly regulated and monitored CEXs. These CEXs require users to provide information that allows them, their financial activities, and wallets to be tracked by local and global authorities. This is due to the local governments ensuring that, in order for a CEX to operate legally within a particular region, they must collect extensive data on the individual user. Therefore, many CEXs do not have the option to operate with more anonymity, as the local governments will not allow them to legally operate. Due to regulations, these CEXs identify users through a process known as Know Your Customer (KYC). While the information collected by CEXs may vary region to region, the information they do collect is designed to always lead back to identifying you as the end-user. Once the user’s wallet address is identified, any future transactions and transfers to other wallets are tracked, taxed, regulated, and monitored by governments and artificial intelligence technology.

A list of some of the information collected by the KYC process (non-exhaustive):

  • Full name
  • Birth Certificate
  • Driver’s License, Passport, and/or other Government Issued Photo ID
  • Social Security Number (USA) or Region-Specific Equivalent
  • Proof of Address (Utility Bill, Internet Bill)
  • PDFs of Recent Bank Statements with Linked Bank Account
  • A List of All Your Fears
  • Blood from Your First Born Child

Many CEXs provide various tiers to users, whereby a user may be able to create an account on the CEX without identification requirements, but to purchase crypto, withdraw, or otherwise transfer funds require increasingly more pieces of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). In addition, these CEXs often impose daily, weekly, or monthly transfer limits on their clients, even when KYC verification is complete.

By anonymizing your crypto wallets, you retain your freedom and privacy to use your crypto however you wish and without a trace, even when the crypto originates from the bloodline of a CEX wallet tied to your identity. This is all made possible due to a specialized randomization technology and algorithm that we have created, which makes it impossible to be traced back to the original user.

Case Study: Betswap (BSGG)

As Wonderland supporters ourselves, we are beyond excited about Betswap and the potential success this service has to decentralize one of the largest and most heavily regulated industries on the planet. We are rooting for the success of Betswap not only for the benefit to Wonderland, but for the freedom of choice it provides individuals around the world.

But what if a user purchases crypto at a CEX and then transfers it to their MetaMask wallet? Authorities everywhere are employing resources and artificial intelligence to better track individuals on the blockchain and monitor their financial activities. With this heavy monitoring and tracking, users can be successfully identified by authorities and other entities that they have been placing bets and gambling with Betswap, which may be frowned upon in the country that they presently reside. Further, as they monitor your financial activities, they’ll be able to determine precisely how much you spent, how much you lost, and how much you have gained.

However, if a user chooses first to anonymize their crypto wallet, they can then participate in any activities they wish without having Big Brother looking over their shoulder.

There are many other examples where anonymizing your crypto is a good idea for your privacy and protection, but using Betswap as the case study, as we hold them in high regard and they have a special place in our hearts.

Element Two: Anonymously Loading and Unloading Wallets

Right now, there are not many easy, safe, or scam-proof ways to anonymously load and unload crypto wallets into money that can be used to pay your mortgage, buy groceries, or spend all cash for a car or house when the value of your wMEMO/SPELL goes to the moon. :wink:

This is where we introduce to everyone the ability to load and unload wallets anonymously.

Loading Wallets Anonymously

Initially, we will support loading wallets anonymously using prepaid debit cards. We will be adding additional methods of anonymously loading wallets as our service, liquidity, and partnerships build.

When loading with a prepaid debit card, this transaction occurs very quickly. Many CEXs require an ACH bank transfer, wire transfer, or linking a debit card, whereby there are very high fees for using. Most credit cards are not supported by CEXs and the ones that are supported typically incur cash advance fees when used for this purpose. With the prepaid debit cards, your crypto is available almost instantaneously (dependent on network congestion.) You may encounter even fewer fees than when operating through a CEX! Some banks do not support purchasing crypto even from debit cards. Many prepaid debit cards do not support purchasing crypto; however, your prepaid debit card will always be accepted so long as the funds are available. Banks should not discriminate against what you choose to do with your money, so we don’t. You obtain this crypto in a way that is never traced back to your identity. In fact, we don’t even know who you are or which country you reside.

This process is conducted through an easy-to-use and simple web-based platform in a way that is secure, private, and anonymized at all times.

Unloading Wallets Anonymously

It’s time to use your crypto earnings from Wonderland or your success with Betswap to pay some bills in the “real world.” With this, we provide the opportunity for you to cash out your crypto wallet anonymously and instantly. Within seconds, you’ll receive a prepaid debit card with the amount you’ve cashed out, minus any applicable fees. You may then use this card online anywhere that accepts debit cards, or link it to your Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. for digital use in stores that support Near-Field Communication (NFC) payments. Additionally, you may load your prepaid debit card numbers to a programmable card product, effectively providing you with a physical card to use. In the future, we will support the ability (in some regions) for users to utilize an ATM to withdraw cash in hand.

If the crypto wallet where this money came from originated from an anonymized wallet and the cashing out of this occurred off-chain, there is officially no record in the blockchain to validate that you, whoever you are, has access to this capital, whether in the form of crypto or fiat-equivalent.

Until more merchants begin accepting crypto as a valid form of payment and in a manner that continues to respect an individual’s privacy and anonymity, we are here to bridge the gap and provide users with the options they deserve. This isn’t just about finance, this is about restoring human rights to those living under oppressive and highly restrictive governments.

Meet MultiPay

MultiPay will have two primary purposes:

  • Feature One: The ability to combine crypto from multiple wallets in a single, anonymized wallet.
  • Feature Two: Make payments to merchants and P2P transactions by utilizing funds from multiple crypto wallets.

Feature One:

Many of us have multiple crypto wallets, with many of them linking us back to the CEX in which the funds originated. We provide the ability for users to combine the crypto funds from the multiple wallets that they own into a singular, anonymized, crypto wallet.

MultiPay is essential to our mission, as it continues to take anonymity to the next level. In one example, if a user anonymized the funds from a CEX-linked MetaMask wallet to a new wallet, they may have several anonymized wallets that hold differing amounts of funds. If the user were to simply transfer the funds from one of their anonymized wallets to another, the artificial intelligence that stalks the blockchain can begin to statistically derive the total balance you’ve moved from wallet to wallet along with the original input. This may begin to provide subtle hints to the artificial intelligence about your identity. To ensure your funds remain completely anonymized, MultiPay is utilized to combine your funds for you in a way that cannot be correlated by the employment of artificial intelligence.

Essentially, it utilizes our proof-of-concept, secret-sauce algorithm for the anonymization of crypto wallets, but in reverse, with a few added anonymization features. Therefore, users will possess the ability to anonymize crypto in a variety of ways to fit the needs that they have.

Feature Two:

MultiPay will allow you to pay merchants and individuals (P2P) by leveraging the crypto available in each of your wallets. In one example, merchants can utilize the API for the MultiPay service to make the checking out process more simple for users. As in, if you are shopping with a merchant that accepts crypto and the total in your cart exceeds the amount you have in any single wallet, in some cases, you would need to first move funds from the various wallets into one wallet in order to make the transaction. With MultiPay, you can simply choose the various wallets you’d like to use for payment. MultiPay will merge the crypto in each wallet for you into a unified lump sum and then send it off to the merchant. This same scenario can be utilized when paying an individual for goods and services using crypto in P2P transactions.

Third-Party Support and API Integrations

Not only will we provide a comprehensive suite of products to our anonymous users around the world, we also desire to integrate with third-party companies via API access. When we succeed, we all succeed. With this, established platforms that can benefit from any of our services can simply integrate our anonymization, loading, and unloading wallet service directly on their website in a way that allows them to maintain the look and feel of the platform that their customers are already familiar with. This has the ability to increase revenue as the service grows and more platforms adopt our API while also saving many users time, and in some cases, unnecessary transaction fees. Reflecting on the previously explored Betswap example, if our APIs were integrated directly in their platform, users would not have to first anonymize their wallets then revisit Betswap. They could perform the transaction on the Betswap platform directly. (We have not yet spoken with Betswap on an integration. We are using this purely as an example of how the technology could be leveraged by platforms where their users could greatly benefit.)


  • An incredible stream of revenue for Wonderland and the Frogs.
  • Restoring and supporting human rights around the globe.
  • Becoming an early player in the future of DeFi by providing the framework, technology, and backbone infrastructure to grow not only our services, but provide access to our services (via API) to other growing companies and merchants.
  • Create robust new opportunities and bring entire industries to the blockchain that could not easily exist otherwise.
  • The ability to operate completely anonymously with all of your blockchain activities in a way that can never be tied back to you.

Accessibility and Security

  • Built for and accessible on the open-internet, but would evolve to include access on TOR and Web3 to prevent attempts to censor and block access to our platform. No one gets left behind.
  • No logs whatsoever stored on our server. No ads, no tracking, no IP address logging.
  • The anonymization service does not keep a record of users, wallets, or the unique and randomized path that was taken to successfully anonymize a user’s crypto. Therefore, even in the case of a data breach or government raid, user data remains fully protected as there is no data stored. The only link to a user and their wallet occurs while they are actively interacting with the service. Once the anonymization functions are completed through the web interface, the data is removed. We have no desire to keep this data. We understand security and privacy and its importance in all of our lives.

What We Request from Wonderland

We desire to integrate deeply with Wonderland and the greater Frog Nation ecosystem. While we can certainly operate as an independent entity, we believe that a close-knit partnership would best serve the interest of all parties involved.

With that, have two possible investment strategies moving forward that we will allow the community to decide upon:

Option A: Close Partnership with Wonderland and Frog Nation

This is by far our preferred option, and we believe all parties will benefit more from this deep integration and partnership. For this option, we do not require a lump sum of liquidity/funding upfront. We will leverage the networks, resources, and trusted developers already utilized by the Frog Nation for the building out of this robust service offering.

We will leverage Wonderland’s trusted and preferred contacts and Wonderland will compensate these developers directly. This provides Wonderland with a greater level of control over the project and spending to maximize the investment put forth. This allows us to fully merge our team’s experience and expertise with that already available to the Frog Nation, Dani, Sifu, etc and maximize our output. This only increases all of our chances of success.

We expect and anticipate this option to not only require less capital from Wonderland and a higher / quicker ROI, but also for the project and its development to be more efficiently streamlined into the Frog Nation suite of services.

We, the Founders of this proposal and this world-changing investment endeavor, will be minimally compensated for our time as we continue to steer, manage, and lead the product through the launch. Afterwards, the Founders will be compensated on an ongoing basis through the service structure outlined later in this proposal under the heading “Incentives.”

For additional clarity, Option A will not add an additional burden of responsibility to the Wonderland team. Instead, it provides for a greater degree of communication, input, and financial decisions for Wonderland with this project.

Option B: Wonderland Provides Funding / Anonymizer Operates Autonomously

For this option, Wonderland takes a hands-off approach to the development of the anonymizer service. Though we still would enjoy integrating and partnering with Wonderland and the Frog Nation where it makes financial sense for the growth of the service and when it provides mutual benefit, the anonymizer service would otherwise operate autonomously and independently. In this case, Wonderland provides a singular, upfront investment to the anonymizer service and the Founders, which will be used to build out the service. We will find and hire developers from within our own network. The amount of the upfront investment can be more intimately negotiated with Wonderland/SiFu, while also being based on how much upfront liquidity the service will have access to, how quickly it can grow and expand, etc. There are options for some flexibility here dependent on the shared goals and mutual benefit this anonymizer service will provide to all involved parties.

Though the anonymizer service would operate autonomously from Wonderland, transparency and communication between our team and yours will always be our highest priority as the service is built, maintained, and grows. We will engage with Wonderland and the Frog Nation to the level that they desire to connect with us. This deep, close-knitted relationship is not necessary, but we believe the closer we can all integrate the better the outcome will be financially and otherwise for all invested users and future users of our service.


Among our financial objectives for this service, we strive to carry the lowest fees that we can sustainably manage for the growth and maintenance of the platform, while ensuring Wonderland enjoys an incredible stream of revenue. In some cases, we will outperform most CEXs in fees, and in other cases, we will be more expensive. Though, the additional expenses incurred through the use of our service guarantee your anonymity, something that CEXs are unable to provide. There are no suited pigs at the top here. This keeps the fee structure as low as we can reasonably manage.

Transaction costs will be covered by the user who is engaging in the transaction. Depending on the service(s) a user engages in, we will charge an additional service charge of varying amounts. This service charge will remain as low as we can manage and in alignment with Wonderland’s expectations for profit. It will ensure that we can maintain and grow our services while feeding the Wonderland / Abracadabra treasury for a lifetime as a reliable additional stream of income.

Fee Structure:

(Transactional Expenses) + (Premium Service Fees) = Total Cost for Our Service

Service Fee Breakdown:

  • 50% / 60% of service fees go back into the anonymizer platform.
    • It is used to pay ongoing maintenance fees, developer costs, regular security audits, etc.
    • It is used to grow our liquidity and internal treasury to allow us to support an increasing amount of concurrent transactions while raising the maximum transaction limit. Any transaction limits we impose are only due to the financial availability we possess at any given moment and the volume of users utilizing the platform. We plan to increase any limits over time as our financial structure allows.
    • No individual profits from this share of the percentage. We will always be transparent about this and all financial expenditures. This percentage is used only to grow and maintain the service. No one receives a paycheck from this percentage, other than essential maintenance items such as compensating the developers for their time and the hiring of independent auditors for our regular security assessments.
    • 50% will be collected by the anonymizer platform until Wonderland’s initial investment is returned in full. Afterwards, 60% of the service fees will go back into the anonymizer platform.
  • 40% / 20% of service fees go back to Wonderland / Abracadabra’s treasury.
    • There are no limits or caps imposed on the revenue Wonderland can collect from this investment. We expect this to be extraordinarily profitable for the Wonderland community due to the high volume of transactions we will process.
    • We desire this to be a long-lasting partnership with Frog Nation and fully believe in their ongoing mission to change the world.
    • After Wonderland’s original investment amount is quickly recovered, the revenue that is generated by the anonymizer services will effectively increase the value of existing tokens held by the community.
    • As the anonymizer service grows, creates partnerships, and continues to add new features and expand, Wonderland directly benefits from this. We take care of and tremendously appreciate our primary investors and Frog Nation community!
    • 40% will be collected by Wonderland until the initial investment is returned in full. Afterwards, Wonderland will be compensated 20% for the lifetime of the project.
  • 10% / 20% of services fees will belong to the Founders, who will split the proceeds accordingly among themselves.
    • The Founders will continue to direct, steer, and lead the project, manage the developers, and ensure we consistently grow the platform in a way that benefits users across the globe.
    • 10% will be collected by the Founders until Wonderland’s initial investment is returned in full. Afterwards, the Founders will be compensated 20%.

Future Expansion / Potential Growth Opportunities:

While we possess the opportunity to add these features to our site and services in the future, we are also excited to work with other industries, developers, and platforms who benefit from leveraging the services we have created and are sharing with the greater community. We are happy to support everyone in this industry while ensuring everyone possesses equal rights and access to our technology. Be advised, none of what is proposed below is on our official roadmap. The items below are included to assist with our communication in sharing the tremendous growth potential of this investment opportunity. Our expansion has no limits.

  • Through various partnerships and secure delivery modalities around the globe, adding the ability to load and unload crypto wallets with physical fiat currency. Yes, cold hard cash, money in hand.
  • Partnerships with platforms, like Sushi Swap, whereby users can load their funds anonymously as a feature built directly into the swap platform. Additionally, they can swap funds from a KYC-linked wallet and receive the swapped funds in a new, fully anonymized wallet, in the same transaction.
    • (We have not yet held conversations with Sushi Swap about integrations. These are merely example use cases and potential avenues for expansion.)
  • Our APIs to be used by future industries in DeFi, such as:
    • Goods and Services Marketplaces
    • Freelancing Platforms (Think Angie’s List, Upwork, TaskRabbit)
    • Decentralization of Employment / Payments / Paychecks
    • Extension of existing merchant services with MultiPay and the ability to anonymize the funds prior to the final payment being rendered to the merchant or individual.
  • Future partnerships with established companies and payment processors, like Flexa (, that are actively working to bridge the gap between crypto, fiat, and utility in the “real world.”
  • …and so much more.
    • We are the backbone infrastructure for access to and from anonymous funds and transactions everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • “Hang on sec, aren’t there already ways to anonymize crypto?”

    • Yes (ish). However, there is a significant gap in the accessibility, reliability, and overall functionality of these services. We have the opportunity to build a service from the ground up that supports more currencies, an impossibly high degree of anonymity, and is designed to be integrated into a variety of different platforms and services via our API.
    • We are focused on far more than “just” anonymizing crypto in an easy-to-use and accessible way for everyone, not just the crypto gigabrains. See “Future Expansion / Potential Growth Opportunities.”
    • There are no other services that offer a complete suite of services, integrations, and potential partnerships as we do, present and future.
    • Our anonymization concept is a combination of some current methods that are fairly effective merged with some excellent concepts derived from within our expert team. Our ability to anonymize various forms of cryptocurrency is able to leave the most advanced artificial intelligence scratching its head as it is unable to determine which funds belong to which individual.
    • Everything the Frog Nation touches and supports is always better :wink:
  • Why do you hate CEXs? Do you want to make CEXs everywhere obsolete?

    • We do not seek to destroy CEXs nor do we have a distinct distaste or aversion for them. Instead, we wish to coexist. We only have an aversion towards the restriction of what makes us human: choice. We believe that everyone should always have the option to make whichever choice they feel is within alignment with their personal goals in life. CEXs provide great options for managing and trading crypto, but the local authorities have regulated them to no end. Our preference is to simply provide users with additional options to manage their money and to make the choice for what they feel is best for them, rather than having their options artificially limited, obstructed, and restricted by entities or governments. Users should always have bountiful options to do with their finances, privacy, and anonymity as they deem fit for their individual preferences and risk profiles. CEXs offer conveniences due to their close affiliation with local governments that DEXs and the like do not have the ability to offer. A user can still load funds with a CEX using their bank accounts and credit cards, transfer to an external wallet such as a Ledger or MetaMask, then send it through our anonymizer service. They can utilize the anonymization technology anytime they wish at any point in their crypto journey.
  • “OMFG is this illegal? Aren’t you encouraging users to break the law and bypass the feds!?”

    • We believe in human rights and freedom more than anything. In that, we are simply providing users a choice that they may not have previously had: the ability to choose. We do not encourage or suggest users break the laws of whichever country they reside. They should only use our service in a manner that is within the legal capacity of where they live.
    • If a burglar breaks into your home using a bent paper clip then breaks your leg with a wooden baseball bat, do we hold the burglar responsible for his free will choice? Or are the manufacturers of paper clips and wooden baseball bats held responsible for the actions taken by this individual, who was free to make his own decisions using his sovereign, conscious mind?
    • We advise you to respect your local laws. We only seek to restore the basic human right of privacy and free choice to a suppressed world.
    • As is the common advice for investing in crypto, “Do not invest more than you are willing to lose.” In the same way, do not utilize your free will choice to conduct an action that you are not prepared to handle the potential consequences for. You are your own free person. You alone are responsible for your actions.

About Us

We are known as the Founders.

We possess 25+ years of experience in information technology, cybersecurity, and have worked with and alongside numerous military and governmental agencies around the world, spanning multiple continents.

  • We have worked extensively with Fortune 50/100/500 companies in the private sector.
  • We have contracted with governments, military, and governmental agencies around the world.
  • We have held high levels of military clearance.
  • We have extensive backgrounds in:
    • Cybersecurity / Red Teaming
    • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    • Information Technology
    • Networking Protocols
    • Computer Science/Programming/App Development
  • We have a successful history launching businesses and seeing them through to the eventual profitable sales and transfers of these companies.
  • We have been issued patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • We hold many Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) for the identification of zero-day vulnerabilities in a wide variety of systems and applications.

On a truly personal note from us to you all:

Like many that go through this journey of life, we have reached the pinnacle of “success” and realized that life and happiness are based on elements far more important and significant than what this world suggests it is. There is so much more to life than achievements, status, and material items. We believe in fair and equal access to resources. We believe that anonymity, privacy, and true freedom for all people are basic human rights. We, the Founders, have dedicated our lives to improving and supporting the rights of humans everywhere, regardless of the country one may reside in. We are borderless. There are basic human rights that are suppressed everywhere, no matter how “free” the country may appear to be on the surface. This is the mission of our lives, and we believe it to be in full alignment with not only the Wonderland community and Frog Nation, but the greater human population as a collective. We are honored and grateful to do this work.

We all have a unique opportunity here that allows for an incredible wealth transfer to occur across the planet by bringing it back where it belongs: the people. This will allow basic freedoms to be accessible to all, while carrying the side benefit of growing the Wonderland / Abracadabra treasury, thereby increasing the value of all of the tokens you hold. Not only do we all have an incredible investment opportunity in front of us, we have the ability to change the world by shifting access to finances. We believe the opportunity to partner directly with Wonderland and the Frog Nation for this purpose is one-of-kind and very important for the global population.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve you all and to support the rights of humans everywhere.



I think this might get lost in the weeds with all the Sifu stuff…

Seems like a great idea! Only way I’ve figured to move my crypto into DeFi is through my bank, through, and then to my wallet. I’d be willing to pay a good chunk if I could move cash into DeFi immediately and anonymously!

Could have been an interesting idea to fit in the Frog Nation ecosystem.

We’ll see what happens…

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