PROPOSAL: Distribute with time weighting

The voting is significantly favoring liquidation. I voted no but hard to beat the votes of the top whales. Given the ethos of frog nation, and obviously contrary to the interest of newly brought in whales, I thought it’d still be worth an effort to make right by holders.

It’s not possible to make people whole (i.e. buy back at purchase price). compensate liquidated frogs (Dani’s got a plan there anyway), or panic sold.

But what about a distribution that puts a time weighting on your wMEMO? The older your wMEMO, the more it gets weighted when it comes to distribution. This rewards longer term holders at the expense of more mercenary capital. I expect this will get voted no by the same whales voting liquidation, but Dani and Sifu don’t need to withold their votes on this proposal.

What say you frogs, Dani, Sifu?

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