Proposal for ConcaveFi to Takeover Wonderland Treasury Management

Proposal: Transfer ALL Wonderland treasury addresses to a multisig wallet controlled by Concave Policy. Concave Policy will take over management and create full transparency around all treasury actions to regain the trust of the community and protect the remaining investors.

Ever since Sifu took over Wonderland treasury management 4 months ago, he promised that he had the best interests of the Frog Nation at heart. Instead of providing transparency, he made promises. Instead of protecting TIME investors, he used the Wonderland treasury as his own personal line of credit. Instead of coming forward with his criminal past, he knowingly and willingly deceived everyone to jump at the chance of making millions of dollars by using investors as exit liquidity; something which he has a track record of doing.

Concave Policy does not believe in making crucial treasury decisions based on unilateral power. The 15 person Concave Policy team are all seasoned DeFi and TradFi people with years of fiscal and monetary management experience. Having established partnerships with Frax, Inverse, Tokemak, Redacted, Curvance, Olympus, Premia and more, we believe in a transparent decision making process that is centered around the best interests of the community and investors and the DeFi space as a whole.

Concave Policy will work with the Frog Nation and investors to develop a plan that puts all of Wonderland’s community first. Every decision will be made with complete transparency, and we will turn the Wonderland treasury into a profit making machine that benefits all Time stakeholders, not just those in power.

Concave Policy will not accept ANY forms of compensation. Once the treasury management process has been made transparent and investors are protected, Concave Policy will work with the Frog Nation to come up with a transition plan to turn over management of the Wonderland treasury back to the community.

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