Proposal for Daniele to use his Vote to Save Wonderland

  • Daniele uses his Vote to Maintain Wonderland
  • Daniele remains Neutral

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Like many of you, I am delighted to see the community banding together and making their voices heard today. I empathize with many who would like to see Daniele weigh in on this situation and cast a vote himself with his available time. I understand Daniele has tweeted that he plans to have his personal wMemo burned by the treasury so as not to profit from the treasury distribution. If I understand that correctly, he wouldn’t have his personal wMemo burned if Wonderland stays intact.

While I agree it might appear as if Daniele is leaving his frogs without a word during this difficult time, by not weighing into this vote with him Time and words. But I also have to understand that it would be difficult for him to do so while remaining objective and keeping this about US, the frogs, not him. He’s in a Damned-if-I-Do and a Damned-if-I-Don’t kind of situation. If he adds his vote, he can be blamed for trying to control it. If he doesn’t he can be blamed for not helping enough.

I think we might have an opportunity to absolve him of this predicament. Considering the whale wallets who have acquired time so shortly before making a vote, I think it would be in the community’s best interest if Daniele held his TIME until close to the end of the voting period and IF his votes would make a difference, then he should use them to vote to Maintain Wonderland.

If his amount of TIME-related assets are insufficient to make a difference in the outcome of the vote, I believe he should maintain his neutral stance and not weigh in.

But if Most of the frogs, by headcount, WANT Wonderland to remain, and all we need are his last remaining votes to push us over the edge, I think it would be remiss of him Not to use those votes to do what clearly more Frogs want, not just what the largest wallets want. If you believe the vote should strictly be about wallet size, then you would Want Daniele to remain neutral.

If any of you have inspected some of the wallets that have cast Yes votes, then you may share an impression with me that many of those wallets do not have the best interests of the Wonderland project in mind. I encourage you to inspect the top TIME holding wallets in the Snapshot Vote to “Wind Down Wonderland”.

I think it’s vitally important that we get as many frogs to vote on this proposal as possible so we can show Daniele that we really do want this. They listen to these Forum Votes, they take them into account with their thinking.

Spread the word about the Snapshot Vote on Twitter with #SaveWonderland so we can reach all the frogs who aren’t on Discord and blast this Proposal here all over the Discord for the frogs we have to make it clear to Daniele that we want him to use his voice too.

Snapshot Vote - Snapshot


This is how we build what we want to see. Thank you MattMacGyver! I hope he does it


I hope he does read this and notes down all the voting contract addresses that voted NO and remembers that we will forever fight for him.


I have been in wonderland from early nov and have invested multiple times never sold. Diamond holder please Dani for once lets stick it to the big bad guys


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